Preparing for a Smooth Fence Installation

Landscape Ornamental Iron Chancellor Fence near Sidewalk

When preparing for any home improvement project, a little planning can go a long way to ensure a positive outcome. Before installing a fence, you need to do some prep work about possible restrictions to fence installation due to the area where you live and what’s underground where you want to dig.

Fence Installation Restrictions

Building codes and local zoning ordinances may limit your fence installation, both in terms of height and design. No one is ever overjoyed about restrictions, but regulations have a purpose. For example, fencing on a corner lot should not be high enough to block a driver’s views at the intersection, which would be a safety hazard.

Fence Installation Could Damage Pipes

Also, be sure the fence is constructed well within the confines of your own property, rather than near the border. Contact your local utility companies for help in determining the location of underground power, gas and water lines. This service usually doesn’t carry a cost. However, if you damage an underground line while digging a hole for fence installation, repairing that damage definitely will not be free.

Professional Fence Installation

Choosing a professional fence company can alleviate a lot of the stress associated with home improvement projects like fence installation. Calling Miss Utility and obtaining the required permits are services provided by Long® Fence for all fence installation jobs. Also, our representatives have a thorough knowledge of local and county codes and city ordinances to help you make the best choice for your yard.