Long® Fence offers all types of horse, farm and agricultural fencing for commercial farms and ranches.

Whether your business is livestock, dairy farming, thoroughbred racing or boarding, Long® Fence, offers the proper type of agricultural fence for your needs. If you have any other commercial needs, let us know!

Deer Fence

Deer Fence

Our strong and impact-resistant deer fencing blends into the landscape and provides a nearly-invisible barrier that deters deer and other pests, protecting your property and crops from damage.

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Farm & Ranch Gates

We can create a wood or galvanized steel piping gate to match your property and allow access without compromising boundary integrity. Our gates last years without requiring a lot of maintenance.

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Farm Ranch Gate
Hi Tensile Fence

Hi-tensile fence

Hi-tensile fences keep cattle, pigs and goats inside a contained area. They can be built with or without electrification. The low-maintenance and cost-effective fences are a great solution for any ranch.

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Paddock Fence

Paddock fences define your property and corral horses and livestock in a cost-effective manner. Typically about 4′ high, these fences look great and require little maintenance.

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Wood Paddock Fence
Live Stock Paddock Fence

Livestock fence

A great choice for pasture containment for horses and other livestock. Livestock fences work well with sheep, goats, cattle and pigs in all climates and on any types of soil.

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Split Rail Fence

The split rail fence gives owners several options for number of rails and heights. The rails and posts look rustic and blend seamlessly into a farm environment.

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Split Railing Fence

The worker was outstanding

The worker was outstanding. He took pride in his work, appearance and conduct and he was responsive to my needs.

K. Kirks – Bethesda, MD