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K-Rated Products

Long® Fence furnishes and installs K-rated material and products for commercial, industrial and government applications.

We provide many types of K-rated products, including K-rated fences, K-rated bollards, K-rated gates & K-rated barriers. A 'K' rating is a Crash Test Certification issued by the Department of State (DOS) to a fence, gate, bollard or barrier that measures the particular stopping power of that barrier in relation to the speed and weight of an incoming vehicle.

The rating of the barrier is determined when a 15,000 lb. (6810 kg) gross weight vehicle impacts a barrier from a perpendicular direction. In order to be DOS certified at any rating, the penetration of the cargo bed must not exceed 1 meter (39-in.) beyond the pre-impact inside edge of the barrier.

K-Rating Specifications

  • K4 rating is for a vehicle traveling 30mph
  • K8 rating is for a vehicle traveling 40mph
  • K12 rating is for a vehicle traveling 50mph

Typical installations include power plants, chemical plants and fuel depots, plus federal and state government and military institutions. Perimeter fencing and gates achieve their K rating through the addition of cable and/or steel beam reinforcements. Barriers and bollards achieve their K rating through enhanced materials and foundations.

Regardless of the barrier type, the "K' rating has become the standard for anti-terrorism crash barrier protection commonly know as anti-terrorism force protection or ATFP.

Even with today's security challenges, a formidable appearance is not always called for when using K rated products. When an aesthetically appropriate and natural look is desired, Long®Fence can provide solutions that secure and protect while being environmentally pleasing.