Hardscape consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially any work done in masonry. Retaining walls, patios and pathways would all be considered part of the hardscape.

Long® Fence furnishes and installs pavers and other hardscaping products that are an important part of landscape design. Pavers are a beautiful, yet functional solution for commercial patio, driveway and walkway projects. Architects, landscape architects and contractors choose Long® Fence for their wide variety of paver colors, shapes and sizes which offers versatility in job design and construction. Plus, pavers are easy to maintain, saving time and money.

Detectable warning pavers, also knows as tactile pavers, have a distinctive pattern of truncated domes detectable by long cane or foot. They are used to warn the visually impaired of impending hazards, vehicular dangers or ground surface changes.

Our project managers will help you determine the perfect paver product for your commercial needs.

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