If your project specifies a particular manufacturer or application, Long® Fence can provide the product you need.

If you need a specified manufacturer, custom fence fabrication, or commercial specialty fence, Long® Fence has a large resource base of manufacturers, plus we can custom fabricate most types of fencing. Each specialty fence, gate, and barrier we design is engineered to your particular needs using quality products and construction, just like we do for all our commercial services. As the best fence company in the nation, you can trust us to handle your specialty fence.

Specialty Fence Grill

Architectural Grilles & SCreens

Block views of your utility areas and other equipment with custom grilles and screens that maintain needed airflow. 

We custom manufacture grilles and screens with a wide variety of materials.

Grilles & Screens

Louvered Fence

These custom fences give low-maintenance screening without sacrificing airflow. With a wide range of materials on offer, you’re sure to get a louvered fence that meets your property’s needs.

Louvered Fence
Commercial Louvered Fence Close-Up
Specialty Fence Piperail

Pipe Railing

Our pipe rail systems work for sidewalks and walls that need to meet ADA code requirements. We offer a variety of colors to match your property’s aesthetic.

Pipe Railing

Welded Wire Fence

Anywhere access has to be limited, such as a storage cage or a utility enclosure, you can use a Long® Fence welded wire fence. These are custom manufactured with a variety of styles available.

welded wire fence
Specialty Welded Wire Fence
Blue Parallax

 I certainly plan on passing the good news on to my friends

“I wish to thank Long Fence for an excellent job! I was particularly impressed with the crew. Their work ethic was superb and their attention to detail equally impressive–all corners square where needed, wood-to-wood joinery was precise, and adherence to codes exact. I certainly plan on passing the good news on to my friends.”

M. Buchanan – Virginia