No matter how strong your fence may be, it is vulnerable to damage. Heavy rains and winds may break boards or cause sections of a fence to fall. Automobile accidents may bend or break a fence. Even a fence that doesn’t get damaged is vulnerable to the effects of the elements over time. Sun, rain, and freezing weather cause some fencing materials to wear down over time. That’s where fence repair comes in.

Whatever the cause, there will eventually come a day when you may need to repair your fence. Whether you need a simple fix or something more involved, our team of qualified professionals can give you a free fence repair estimate, even if we weren’t the original fence installer. We repair all types of fences, including wood, chain link, wrought iron, and vinyl, as well as decks, railings, patio pavers, and gates.

Fence Repair or Fence Replacement?

Not all fence damage can be repaired. If enough of the fence is damaged, it may be simpler and cheaper to replace the fence. Extensive damage from storms or natural disasters, for example, may cause enough damage to require replacement. Additionally, if you wait too long to install necessary fence repairs, minimal damage may turn into lasting structural weaknesses that require a new fence.

Often, deciding whether you want to repair or replace your damaged fence comes down to a cost and benefit analysis. How much more would it cost to replace a fence than repair it? Installing an entirely new fence may cost more than repairing one, but it will likely last longer than a repaired fence would.

It’s also worth considering how much value a new fence would add to your home. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, it may be worth it to replace the fence, so you are less likely to need a new one soon. If you are looking to sell, however, fence repair may make your fence look new while saving you money.

Short-term and Long-term Damage

Fences can be damaged in many ways. The most obvious damage comes in the form of storms and natural disasters. Violent summer thunderstorms and heavy winter snows often topple trees and utility poles, which can subsequently damage your fence. Unforeseen events such as car accidents can also wreak havoc on your fence.

Long-term fence damage caused by exposure to the elements or overuse is less noticeable but is just as harmful. How the elements affect your fence depends on the material. Wood fences are suspectable to wood rot, discoloring, and broken or loose slats, while chain link and wrought iron fences are vulnerable to rust. Natural disasters can damage any fence. Whatever the case, fence repairs will leave your fence strong as ever.

Wood Fence Repair

Wood fences have a range of advantages, from their lower cost to the strength and privacy they provide. Wood fences others have installed, however, are more vulnerable to some types of damage than some other fencing. Wood rot, a form of decay triggered by moisture and fungi, can cause wood fences to become structurally weak and eventually fall apart. Termites are a less common but equally damaging invader that eats wood fences from the inside out. Exposure to sun, rain, and freezing weather can also cause wood slats to sag, bend, twist, or appear discolored.

Long Fence’s wood fences are guaranteed against rot and decay from termite infestation, but if you had someone else install your fences, we can still make repairs.

If part of your wood fence has sustained damage, you can replace bad slats, pickets, or posts with the same type of wood, but the color may not match if the original fence has become discolored. You may be able to remedy this by painting or staining the entire fence. A good cleaning and staining may be all that is needed to make your fence look as good as new.

If your fence boards are in a state of disrepair, though, it is probably time to replace your fence. It is a good idea to weigh the costs and benefits of a large-scale repair against total replacement with a professional fence contractor.

Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain link fences are durable, but eventually, they may start to rust, if you’ve had a different fence company install it. If the rust is limited to 10 to 15 percent of the fence, it is probably worth removing and replacing the rusted sections.

Rust is not the only form of damage that chain link fences can sustain. The structure of the fence itself may be damaged by floods, falling trees, or car collisions. If a chain link fence rail is bent or broken, it can be repaired by cutting out the damaged section and inserting a new section. Similarly, a damaged section of the chain link mesh can be replaced without replacing the whole fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Part of the appeal of a wrought iron fence is its strong and imposing look. While wrought iron is strong and durable, it is still vulnerable to damage under the right circumstances. And if parts of a wrought iron fence are damaged, they are not easily repaired. Unlike chain link fence repair, wrought iron fence repair is not easily handled without the help of a trained professional. If you put the job off, it will only get worse and repair will no longer be an option.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fencing is known for its durability and longevity. Unlike wood, vinyl is a synthetic material that is not vulnerable to rot or termites. It is also more resilient to the elements. Vinyl fences can, however, be damaged in other ways. If an accident causes your vinyl fence to break, you can generally have the damaged sections replaced without disturbing the integrity of the entire fence.

Whether your damaged fence is made of vinyl, wood, chain link, or wrought iron, we can make your fence as strong and appealing as it was the day you bought it. Even if you did not buy your fence from us, our team of qualified experts is still eager to help get you the fence repair service you need. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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