can be so beautiful!

Screened Porches

Nowadays, in the world of increased technology, people get less and less sunlight and fresh air. Though no fault of their own, people are spending so much time indoors. It seems that as the world is getting bigger, our workplaces are becoming smaller. Of course, the indoors’ amenities are incomparable, with air conditioning and none of those pesky bugs.

With screened porches, you can have the feeling of being both indoors and outdoors at the same time! With the best balance of both worlds, you can enjoy the outdoors while remaining indoors. Here, we have compiled a list of the top six reasons to install a screened porch in your backyard.

Enjoy the Outdoors with a Screened Porch

With a screened porch, you can always enjoy the outdoors without being concerned about the weather. Even if it is raining or a scorcher or windy, you can still sit outside with a screened porch, as the screen will protect you from the weather. Everyone who loves the sound of the rain can enjoy the ambiance without the discomfort. Even if it is sunny, you can still sit outside while being protected from the harsh heat and the light of the sun.

A Screened Porch Expands Your Home

Frequently, a family outgrows its home. Suddenly, it is a weekend, and people are stepping over each other, vying for space in the house. You want peace and quiet, but your son is at the kitchen table, your daughter is in the living room, your mom is upstairs, and your partner has taken over the basement. There’s no room for you! With a screened porch, you have effortlessly expanded your house just enough to have another, extra room for you. While a screened porch seems like a small addition, it can make your home seem more spacious.

Screened Porches Keep Out The Bugs

You go out all the time, but you hate one thing outside - the bugs. These pesky little critters are everywhere, and they are quite irritating. The beauty of a screened porch is that the bugs cannot fly in and bother you; they will stay on the other side of the screen. Suddenly, you can spend time outside without using (usually ineffective) bug spray or a citronella candle.

More Space to Entertain on a Screened Porch

Extra space does not just add space for you, but it also adds space for parties or get-togethers that you have at your home. People can spill out from your kitchen and living room onto your screened porch and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are having an afternoon or an evening party, a screened porch is perfect. Light some candles, add some hanging lights, and bring the party outside! If your in-laws are over, spend some time with them outside, enjoying fresh air and the sounds of the outdoors. If you had friends who stayed over, enjoy breakfast with them on a screened porch, listening to the sound of the morning birds.

Boost Your Property’s Outdoor Versatility

Adding a screened porch does not simply mean that you are adding a screened porch, but you also have the option of adding an outdoor, open deck. When constructing the screened porch, you can also attach a traditional deck, so you have both options available for outdoor entertainment.

Screened Porches Add Value

Maybe you are planning to sell your house soon or plan to sell it years from now. Regardless, adding a screened porch will boost the value of your home. Buyers like to see a screened porch because they recognize the value, not just price, that it brings to a house. A screened porch adds a natural and outdoor environment to your house, expanding the house and essentially creating an “outdoor room.”

Now that we have discussed why you should install a screened porch, let’s talk about the two different types of screened porches: composite & vinyl and wood. Low-maintenance composite & vinyl screened porches are easy-to-clean. Because they are made with vinyl, they easily match the aesthetic of most residences. Composite and vinyl screened porches also allow for removable screens.

Wood screened porches also have removable screens. They add a rustic look to your backyard, and they match your roof. With tongue and groove decking, wood screened porches can look sophisticated and cultured.

Whether you are looking for more space in your home or you want to add something new to your backyard, screened porches are an excellent addition to your home. Contact Long Fence today to get a quote!