Raised platform decks are very common due to a house's foundation that positions the main floor level several feet above grade.

Raised decks require railing systems for safety and stairs to make the deck accessible to the yard. All decks are built to current local building codes, which can vary by jurisdiction.

Raised Platform Deck Services

Our representatives will help you determine the perfect deck for your property. They will take into account county and city codes and homeowner association restrictions. 

For more information on the best deck structure for your home, request a Free Estimate or call us at 1-800-917-5664.


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Quality of Material


“I was pleased with the quality of the material used and the courtesy of the staff.”

Happy with the results


“The project went smoothly and we are happy with the results. Your construction foreman did a great job in building the deck and showed a good sense of quality craftsmanship. He was always willing to please and did everything we asked of him. Thanks again and we will have no hesitation in recommending Long® Fence to our neighbors and friends for their projects.”