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Privacy Fences

A quality privacy fence can transform your yard into an extended outdoor living area.

Many people put up a privacy fence to secure their property and screen out unwanted sights and sounds from nearby neighbors or traffic. A privacy fence may be an ideal choice if you live in a densely populated area, near a busy road/highway or close to businesses and industrial centers. Plus, if you own a swimming pool, enjoy sunbathing in your yard, or have an outdoor hot tub, you'll enjoy the seclusion that privacy fences offer.

Installing privacy fencing around a deck or patio can create a more intimate space for relaxing and entertaining. Privacy fences also offer additional benefits such as property security, increased property value, and safety for children and pets.

The Durability of a Privacy Fence

Whether you want to protect your backyard from the prying eyes of passers-by or keep your business safe from trespassers, it is important that your privacy fence retains its strength. Privacy fences are designed to last a long time. If you opt for a wood fence, the strength and thickness of the wood will assist in deterring trespassers and animals. Our vinyl privacy fences endure the test of time. If you’ve already got a chain link fence, you can add privacy slats for an easy transformation into a semi-private fence. The slats do need leave some room to slide in, so chain link fences with slats are not completely private.

Privacy Fences are Low Maintenance

One of the last things any homeowner wants is more chores. Luckily, adding a privacy fence doesn’t mean adding to your to-do list.

Our wood privacy fences are treated to resist water damage and bugs. Proper maintenance can ensure that your fence looks good and stays strong years after it is installed. You can protect your fence by keeping it clean of dirt using a power washer occasionally.

The vinyl and chain link fences need little to no maintenance at all. Maybe once a year you spray them off with a hose or wipe them down with a sponge.

Privacy Fence Designs

Privacy fences come in a variety of styles ranging from plain to ornate. The height and materials for each privacy fence are also customizable, meaning you can find the perfect fence for your property.

Privacy fences are most often made of wood, but we also offer vinyl and chain link privacy fences. Each effectively provides a level of privacy and security. If you would like more information about which type of privacy fence is best for your property, feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

All Long® Fence privacy fencing is custom-built to your specifications and comes with a a one full-year warranty.

Privacy Fence Services

Our representative will provide you with many options to choose from regarding the various privacy fence styles and heights. They will take into account county and city codes and homeowner association restrictions.

For more information on the best privacy fence for your home, request a Free Estimate or call us.