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A handrail is a railing designed to provide stability, support and a continuous graspable surface.

Long® Fence provides a wide selection of handrails and railings to increase the safety and stability of steps, landings, walkways, decks and porches. Anyone can certainly be at risk of falling, not just children, the elderly or those that are physcially challenged.  Everyone can use sturdy railings and handrails to avoid falling. Railings are often required to comply with local codes, and Long® Fence professionals can build any railing or handrail to fit code specifications and regulations.

Long® Iron offers custom fabricated iron handrails, aluminum handrails, and composite and vinyl handrails that can meet local code and requirments. Aluminum railings are a rust free, minimal maintenance alternative to iron. They never need painting and are available in black and white, with other colors optional. Composite and vinyl are also low-maintenance, splinter-free railing materials.

All railings are field detailed to ensure accuracy in fabrication.  All railing types are mounted in accordance with code or best practice method based on site conditions.