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If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to make your landscape beautiful. Flower beds, trees, a sturdy fence, maybe a pond, or a playground – all of these entice you and your guests to spend more time outside in the great outdoors. To truly take advantage of this space, though, you should install hardscaping such as patios, walkways, and garden walls. These hardscaping options create a fluid transition to bring the comfort and functionality of the indoors to the natural beauty of your yard.

At Long® Fence, we take pride in making your property more beautiful and enjoyable. Our expert design team is eager to help you plan and install the perfect patio or other hardscaping for your property. Choose from our wide variety of colors, materials, and layout options, and our experts will design custom hardscaping to meet all of your needs and desires. For custom advice and design tips or to learn more about our affordable pricing, contact us today!

Patios Are the Perfect Transition from Home to Garden

Are you looking for a smoother transition between your home and your yard? Patios offer the perfect solution. They act as an extension of your indoor space, seamlessly blending your home, yard, pool, and landscaping. Whether you want a space to host outdoor dinner parties, family barbeques, friendly get-togethers, or even just a place to relax in your yard or gather around the fire pit for an evening of fun, patios give you the space you need to take advantage of your yard.

If you find value in your new patio, potential buyers are sure to as well. Investing in a patio invariably raises the selling value of your home, even years down the line. Patios require little maintenance after installation. The sturdy brick-like quality of the pavers will ensure your investment will retain value, allowing you to enhance the overall appeal of your home and yard to new owners.

Our Hardscaping Design Options for Patios Offer Freedom and Flexibility

Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine the patio of your dreams. What does it look like? Is it a chic, modern design with stark, creative angles that highlights the contemporary design of your home? Or is it a secluded plant-filled haven surrounded by gardens worthy of an English estate? Or maybe it’s something more subtle: a welcoming design with space for your entire family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever the case, if you can imagine it, we can build it. We offer a wide range of design options for patios. Our pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, giving you freedom in the design process to create the patio of your dreams. You may choose to incorporate distinctive designs into your patio, such as a circle or fan, to act as a focal point. Or perhaps you would prefer to go with a checkered pattern. If you have any questions about design options, don’t hesitate to call us. Our expert masons are happy to guide you through the process.

Patios for Special Hardscaping Purposes

What is the primary purpose of your patio? Many people choose to install a patio that functions as an outdoor living room, but there are many other uses for patios. Some people install a grill or countertops to create an outdoor kitchen, allowing them to spend their cooking time enjoying the great outdoors. You could even install an outdoor bar, allowing you or a bartender to serve up drinks for your guests during your outdoor party.

Don’t let your imagination stop here, though. A fireplace, a gazebo, a water feature – whatever you want for your yard, a patio can provide the foundation. If you have a pool or plan to install one, a patio is the perfect way to connect your home with your pool. A patio with a few lawn chairs also provides a convenient excuse to sunbathe in the spring or the summer.

But patios aren’t just for people. Some customers install a patio to create additional storage space. They can provide an excellent place to store outdoor equipment, or they could serve as a place to install an AC unit, backup generator, or garbage and recycling bins. Patios that serve as storage space tend to be smaller and more secluded than living-space patios, but they are also important. Without pavers to form a solid floor, stored items may get damaged by the elements.

When Patios Meet Landscaping

As an extension of your home, you’ll want to consider how your patio will interact with your landscape. A well-designed patio complements the landscaping and adds to your yard’s natural beauty. Some of our customers choose to match the color and pattern of the pavers to that of their home. Slight differences in tone and a more dynamic design may, however, make your patio more beautiful and help it better blend into your landscaping.

Patios can also help highlight the natural slant of a yard. For example, if your yard slants downward, a flat patio with stone walls and stairs down to the lawn can make your yard more accessible. The natural ledge this creates adds an excellent vantage point from which you can view the rest of your property. Patios can also fix issues you may be having with your landscaping. For example, if your yard has a large muddy patch where grass and plants seem reluctant to grow, pavers might be the perfect answer.

You should also consider the landscaping immediately surrounding your patio. Some of our customers choose to install flower beds and gardens around the patio. Gardens of flowers and evergreens bring the smell and beauty of your landscaping right to you and your guests. Other landscaping choices can create a different feel. A bed of pebbles or small stones, for example, can help create a smoother transition from pavers to the garden.

Walkways Connect Your Home and Your Landscaping

Of course, patios are not the only form of hardscaping that can connect your home to your garden. Walkways unify your property in a way unlike any other hardscaping options. If you have a patio, gazebo, driveway, or any other feature in your yard not connected to your home, a walkway is critical to making that space more accessible to all of your guests. They also make walks more enjoyable, even in rain or snow. You’ll never have to worry about trudging through the mud again.

Walkways come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. The width and length of the walkway can be customized to suit the individual needs of your property. You have the freedom to decide how you want your walkway to look. Many are curved to complement the natural feel of the landscaping. If your yard is sloped, you may want a walkway with spaced steps. Some of our customers choose stones with darker coolers on the edges of the walkway to mark the boundaries. Whatever design you have in mind, we’ll work with you to make your vision come to life.

Garden Walls Create a More Functional and Beautiful Yard

If your yard is on a slope, you may need garden walls to prevent erosion and hold your garden together. Over time, rain runoff erodes the dirt and nutrients necessary for plants to thrive. If you’re not careful, erosion may eventually leave your yard bare, muddy, and unusable. Garden walls provide the ideal solution by breaking up your yard into layers that capture rainwater and hold gardens together.

Garden walls are as beautiful as they are practical. Not only do they keep your garden healthy, but they also provide an excellent excuse for making your landscaping more layered and visually appealing. Stone walls also create natural transitions. For example, if you want to transition between a flower garden and your lawn, a stone wall will do the trick. They can also provide a clear separation between your patio and a garden or yard.

Driveways Add to the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Driveways may seem mundane, but they are an essential part of your hardscaping design. A well-built and creatively-designed driveway can increase the curb appeal of your house, while a poorly designed one could detract from it. Driveways are typically the first part of your property guests see, so it’s essential to invest in a good design. The color and style of the pavers should complement the look of your home. Many people also line the driveway with a different color or design to emphasize where the driveway ends.

Though concrete driveways are also an option, we recommend choosing a paver driveway. Pavers provide more flexibility and design options than concrete. You’ll be able to better match the style of your home and landscaping with the flexibility pavers allow. Additionally, pavers are typically sturdier than concrete, which is prone to crack and wear down. If a paver cracks, it’s easy to replace the paver, but it’s much harder to fix a concrete driveway without replacing the whole thing.

Whether you’re interested in patios, walkways, garden walls, or driveways, look no further than Long® Fence for your hardscaping needs. For more information about our services and pricing, give us a call today. Our experts will walk you through the entire process, from initial consultation and customization to the finished product.