After purchasing a new home or renovating an old one, you may realize that you see more of the public than you want. It’s hard to protect your privacy inside or to send your children out to play when you’re worried about their safety because there’s no barrier between your home and the public.

Many people put up a privacy fence to secure their property or to screen out unwanted sights and reduce sounds from nearby neighbors or traffic. A privacy fence may be an ideal choice if you live in a densely populated area, near a busy road/highway, or close to businesses and industrial centers. It can help you protect your property, your patients’ or customers’ privacy, or safeguard your home. Plus, if you own a swimming pool or a hot tub, you may be required by your city or HOA ordinances to fence in your water feature.


After purchasing a new property, getting a new dog, or maybe even after years of staring into your neighbor’s kitchen, you may decide that now is the time for some peace and quiet. We would love to help you reclaim the serenity you’ve always envisioned for your backyard!

We think it’s time for a privacy fence if you’re a homeowner who wants to:

  • Provide a safe place for children and animals to play
  • Keep out animals and protect gardens or landscaping
  • Increase property security and property value
  • Reduce noise from traffic or neighbors
  • Provide privacy from neighbors or foot traffic
  • Provide a wind barrier
  • Follow city or HOA ordinances regarding pools
  • Create a backyard oasis
  • Deter petty theft or trespassing
  • Increase privacy, peace of mind, and livability on a property

Installing privacy fencing around a deck, patio, or backyard can create a more intimate space for relaxing and entertaining. It reclaims the serenity that you pictured when you purchased the property. Neighborhoods grow, families get bigger, and people’s needs change. If you feel like you need a little more space in your home, then extending your living space into your yard by investing in a privacy fence is a great option. Let this be the year when you can enjoy your home again.

At Long Fence, we understand that there are many reasons for a privacy fence. We have extensive experience in the fencing industry, and our experts can help you address the reasons you need a new fence. We have the kind of privacy fencing you need because we’re the best fence company in America.


One of the last things any homeowner wants is more chores. Luckily, adding a privacy fence doesn’t mean adding to your to-do list. Wood, vinyl, and chain-link fences are durable additions to a property that, when properly taken care of, can last a long time.

Low Maintenance

We carry two kinds of wooden fences. Our EcoLife fences are treated to resist water damage and bugs and have stabilizers that minimize swelling and shrinkage. Treated wood allows the fence to last years longer with less maintenance. We also carry western red cedar fencing.

Wooden fencing naturally resists moisture, decay, or insect damage. While you do not have to stain a wood privacy fence, this can help increase the lifespan of your privacy fence. A simple yearly power washing can help your wooden fence last for many years. We also offer a variety of styles that are perfect for privacy fences, including board-on-board, board and batten, estate, and stockade.

Vinyl and chain link fences are ideal for the homeowner who doesn’t want any extra work because these types of fences need little maintenance at all. If you have a problem with moss, dirt, or spider webs on your privacy fence, a quick spray with a hose will take care of that.

Using treated materials means vinyl and chain-link fences last longer. Vinyl fences do not need painting or staining because they resist fading from the sun. Vinyl fencing looks brand new even a decade after installation because it weathers so well. Chain-link fences are made with galvanized metal to reduce rust, no matter the weather in your community. Both of these options will last for decades once correctly installed by experts.


Whatever your reasons are for a privacy fence, you can feel confident choosing from the variety of styles we provide. Whether you’re interested in merely marking the boundary of a property, realizing your dream of a magazine-perfect front yard, or fencing in a new puppy, we are your go-to source for finding just the right fence for your needs.

While privacy fences are most often made of wood, our vinyl fences are excellent choices for privacy fences. They effectively provide a level of privacy and security that doesn’t exist in an unfenced yard.

If you would like more information about which type of privacy fence is best for your property, feel free to contact us for an on-sight estimate. We know that your needs and property are unique, and that’s why we work to provide a solution that fits your circumstances.

All Long® Fence privacy fencing is custom-built to your specifications and comes with a one full-year warranty. We want you to love your privacy fence and feel secure knowing you’ve made the right choice with us.


Once you contact us, our representative will provide you with many options to choose from regarding the various privacy fence styles and heights. They will take into account county and city codes that you may be working with, and we can work with any homeowner association restrictions for your area. At Long Fence, we have been building fences for over 75 years, and we have the experience your job requires.

We offer the Long Fence Pledge because we want you to feel secure when you choose us. We promise to be prompt and professional, to finish all of our jobs with quality service and dedication to details, and to offer you the best value for your investment.

For more information on the best privacy fence for your home or if you need help with any other residential fence or other residential project, request a Free Estimate or call us.

Wood privacy fence

Wood Privacy

Our wooden privacy fences come in a variety of top finishes, including a scalloped top, a latticed top, a dog-eared top, and an arched top. We can customize the height and materials for privacy fences, which lets us put a fence on nearly any kind of property.

Wood Privacy Fence

Vinyl Privacy

Our vinyl privacy fences will resist peeling, rotting, and sun damage. Additionally, vinyl fences are firm yet flexible and have impact modifiers that help protect them from being damaged. They don’t require painting, which reduces their costs over time. Most vinyl fences are hollow, but we also provide agricultural vinyl fencing that will resist livestock damage for decades.

Vinyl Privacy Fence
Vinyl Privacy Fence
Chain Link Privacy Slats

Chain Link with Privacy Slats

You can add privacy slats to a chain-link fence for an easy transformation into a semi-private fence. Privacy slats reduce the visibility into a yard, so while they aren’t entirely private, they are an affordable option to increase privacy.

Chain Link with Privacy Slats
Blue Parallax

Their work on my fence was exceptional

I have been working with Long Fence for many years, their quality is second to none. Their work on my fence was exceptional, from sales to operations, everything ran smoothly and on time!

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