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Long® Fence rents temporary in-ground chain link fences, portable panel fencing and gates as well as pedestrian and water barricades to protect construction sites and safeguard the public.

Long® Fence provides rental fencing for various uses and industries. Chain link and wood panel rental fencing separate construction sites from public areas. Pedestrian barricades help control crowds at special events and in other public venues. Water barriers are most often used for traffic control.

Fence rentals provide a temporary solution for enhanced public, pedestrian and vehicular safety. We offer service to any industry or organization that requires temporary modifications to public access and our experts can help customize the best temporary fencing solution for your specific needs. When you rent a fence, our rental service includes delivery, set-up and removal. Rental fences are an excellent option for construction site barriers.

Our project managers will help you determine the perfect rental fence solution for your project.

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