5 Benefits of Commercial Wood Privacy Fence

Commercial Wood Fence

Normally commercial property owners don’t want to hide their businesses away, so a wooden privacy fence doesn’t get much consideration. But certain types of activities that occur in a commercial property could lend themselves to the masking provided by a wood fence.

As you’re evaluating the uses and needs of your enterprise, consider these 5 benefits of a commercial wood fence for a business:

A Commercial Wood Privacy Fence Entices Renters

Creating a pleasant outdoor space for breaks or short conferences appeals to potential renters. A wooden fence provides a buffer from outdoor noises and prying eyes that your clients appreciate.

If employees have a comfortable, tranquil spot to retreat to for their lunch breaks, they’d be close by if some emergency arises and they are needed back in the office.

Many businesses recognize the benefits of giving their employees a time and space to rest and regenerate to increase their productivity as the work days stretch longer.

A Commercial Wood Privacy Fence Allows Off-Hours Work

Many companies these days have workers on site nearly around the clock. Tech companies give their employees free rein to work the hours when they are most creative and productive. Security companies provide around-the-clock monitoring. Finance companies have employees tracking and working the markets around the globe.

Wooden privacy fences can provide these night-time workers both the privacy and security they might otherwise need to find by drawing blinds or curtains. A building protected by privacy fencing also allows them to move freely from office to restroom to break room to conference room without feeling like they are exposed to the outside world.

A parking lot hidden behind wood fencing would even shield the fact that people are in the building from passers-by.

A Commercial Wood Privacy Fence Hides the Smokers

It may be an unpleasant fact of life, but nearly every business will have some smokers on staff. With laws mandating smoke-free public spaces and work spaces, most smokers are left no choice but to be outside, feeding their addiction.

These gatherings of smokers detract from the attractiveness of your building or even cast an unappealing light on businesses within. Imagine a health-care facility with workers gathered around the front doors, grabbing that mid-morning cigarette. That could be discouraging to potential clients.

A Commercial Wood Privacy Fence Hides Garbage

Another unpleasant reality of having dozens or hundreds of people in your commercial property each day is that they are going to generate garbage, some of it potentially unsightly and odorous. A wood-fenced enclosure is a simple, inexpensive method of hiding that necessary space from the public.

A wooden fence easily can offer the larger gate needed by your trash hauler to access the site and a smaller gate or overlapped walk-through area can accommodate your tenants or staff as they bring garbage to the trash receptacles.

A Wood Privacy Fence is Easy to Install, Maintain

As a commercial property owner, the other fact you will appreciate about your wood fences is their easy installation and maintenance.

Wood fences are less costly to install that iron, brick or stone often seen in commercial locations, while custom designs make them attractive. Installation can be accomplished quickly to provide little disruption to your clients. Wood fences also blend nicely with landscaping you install inside or outside the fence to maintain a professional but inviting scene for your property.

An occasional washing with a sprayer on a hose and an annual application of stain or sealer helps your wood fence last for many years. An annual maintenance plan would be inexpensive and give you piece of mind that your property will maintain a beautiful appearance.

Contact us today for an assessment of your property and for a professional design plan for how a wood fence can enhance your commercial property.