Is My Fence Water-Damaged?

Fence in a flooded area

Your fence should be your stalwart defense for your home for years and years. But what happens when the elements start to wear it down? Since fences are outdoors, they’re exposed to all manner of weather, from rain to snows to winds, and all the myriad problems those elements bring with them. The most pernicious […]

We Do Repairs! Long Fence Responds to Government Emergencies and Homeowner Calls

Downed Tree in the Backyard

Friday’s storm left a wake of destruction that homeowners and businesses are still trying to recover from. Downed trees and power lines have not only caused major disruptions to power, they have caused property damage and unsafe conditions. Long® Fence offers emergency services to government and businesses and repairs and replacements of all types on fencing, decks, gates and railings, even if we didn’t install the original job.