How to Restore a Wood Fence

Wood Fence Vertical Board

Your trusty old fence has a lot of jobs. Keeping you and your family protected from things coming into your yard, keeping the objects, pets, or people you care about inside your yard, giving you privacy from your nosey neighbors, and helping your yard look its absolute best. Only, your fence is looking a bit […]

Is My Fence Water-Damaged?

Fence in a flooded area

Your fence should be your stalwart defense for your home for years and years. But what happens when the elements start to wear it down? Since fences are outdoors, they’re exposed to all manner of weather, from rain to snows to winds, and all the myriad problems those elements bring with them. The most pernicious […]

We Do Repairs!

Solid Wood Safety Fence

All offices have power today and are taking calls for repair estimates in addition to normal business. Even if we did not install the original job, we will repair your fence, deck, porch, railings or any other product that we provide.