What’s the Difference?

Ornamental Iron Diplomat Series in Landscape

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum fencing? After all, they look the same, don’t they? Discovering the differences between these two materials can help you make the best choice for your needs when you are going for a low-maintenance fence with the look of wrought iron.

Steel and aluminum fencing look similar but have different benefits depending on your needs. Steel provides strength and security and enhances your property, offering value that can’t be surpassed. Aluminum has an economical appeal and never rusts making it the perfect choice for swimming pools.

LONG® FENCE Ambassador Series™ ornamental steel fencing offers zinc-galvanized corrosion protection with a powder-coat finish for beauty that lasts year after year. Industrial drive rivets secure the fence components and all brackets have permanent covers for additional security and aesthetic appeal.

LONG® FENCE Heritage™ Series ornamental aluminum fencing offers beauty and protection with practically no maintenance. Heritage™ Plus has 3/4-inch pickets for extra stability and no visible screws.

Discover the differences for yourself with the best fence company in the nation. A LONG® FENCE sales associate can show you samples and demonstrate the quality of our ornamental fencing, at no cost and no obligation.