Why an Aluminum Fence Makes a Great Security Fence

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Aluminum is a remarkably useful element. In Greek times, forms of aluminum were used for dies, defense, and medicine. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that Europeans developed economical means of purifying and mass-producing aluminum as a metal. Now, only iron exceeds it as the most produced metal in the world. 

This article will discuss why fencing, like many other products, benefits from aluminum construction. We’ll talk about why security fencing can make a difference in the safety of your home and property as well as  enhance the efficacy of an existing fence. In all, security fencing can be helpful as a deterrent to theft and home invasion as well as applicable in commercial settings. 

Long® Fence has provided quality fencing since 1945 and provides specialized aluminum fencing products with prices and warranties that won’t be beaten. After reading about the advantages of aluminum security fences, give us a call today for a free estimate from a local project manager. 

Why Aluminum?

The reason for this is aluminum’s strength-to-weight ratio: aluminum is extremely strong relative to its density, much more so than steel and iron. This makes it extremely attractive for projects that require strong materials while minimizing weight. In transportation circumstances, this is especially useful as aluminum makes up the vast majority of plane, car, and boat materials. Aluminum is also useful in its non-absorptive and rust-resistant properties. For this reason, it is used in cans, machinery, and electricity applications. 

For fencing, one can see why aluminum would be a good candidate as a material. Its strength proves useful in keeping out intruders and providing security without being too difficult to install. Its abrasion and rust resistance make it extremely low-maintenance compared to iron and steel. This is especially useful in coastal climates where humidity and salt can dramatically accelerate the rust and breakdown of more vulnerable metals and alloys. 

Aluminum’s manufacturing process also creates advantages over materials like wrought iron which require a lot more care in fabricating. Wrought iron also requires painting and re-painting, unlike aluminum. These features make aluminum a highly affordable option that provides loads of value for the price. 

Aluminum Security Fences

Aluminum is often employed in security situations given the aforementioned strength, value, and maintenance advantages. In comparison to chain link, aluminum is much more difficult to penetrate or scale. Often, aluminum security fences come in a vertical configuration, which gives intruders no perch on which to place their feet. While picket and another fencing can feature constructions with many intersecting or horizontal components, the distance between horizontal rails is very sparse. This makes climbing fences much more difficult while clipping the material with bolt cutters proves near impossible. 

Various options and accessories can also enhance aluminum fences’ security potential. Aluminum can easily be manufactured to include pointy tips and other features that make climbing over the top of the fence more difficult. These can also provide aesthetic benefits and decorative features that increase the visual appeal of a fence while simultaneously making your property more secure. These aesthetics are important; they are the first impressions that potential thieves or invaders will have as they decide which properties look vulnerable. 

People often say the best way to evade a shark is to be faster than the slowest swimmer, and these principles apply to property security. Opportunists target the weakest-looking bike lock, fence, or warehouse and have less desire to take a more difficult-looking heist. Projecting strength is an important element in creating security since it provides a mental deterrent for would-be intruders. 

Lighting can provide another important deterrent against trespassing. Well-lit areas provide far less cover for people sneaking into places they shouldn’t. That’s why you often see bright lighting around prisons, stores, borders, and other high-security areas. In residential and commercial settings, lights around fencing can increase their efficacy by providing people and cameras an opportunity to visually identify people attempting to bread fences. Long Fence can help install solar-powered light post tops that provide the security benefits of increased lighting. Like other fence tops, they can provide a visual appeal as well, creating a unique ambiance around your property. 

Other Benefits of Security Fences

Fences can serve the dual purpose of security and beauty. A thoughtfully designed and skillfully implemented fence can complement and accent the existing features of your home or business to form a more cohesive space. Color, shape, and style are all important considerations when thinking about how a fence can boost your property’s aesthetic appeal. 

In a related sense, when thinking about selling a property, fences can boost your curb appeal and property value. In the same way fences make a first impression on potential trespassers, they can also make a strong impression on potential buyers. A good-looking and secure fence can make a big difference in differentiating your property from others on the market. 

Long® Fence is the Aluminum Fencing Provider for Quality and Value

With nearly 80 years of experience, Long® Fence has a long-established reputation for skilled craftsmanship and a wide array of products and options. Our experienced specialists can help you conceptualize your project, finalize a design, and implement custom fencing solutions. These are areas in which the importance of expertise cannot be understated: having a knowledgeable and seasoned partner is critical in the process of considering your needs and planning your space. 

We stand by our products with strong warranties and generations of trust in the community. Many of our products also come with manufacturer warranties which can cover many unanticipated issues, giving your peace of mind. Our reputation means a lot to us and our customers as well. Homeowners and businesses alike have returned for our services and products for our reliability, service, and skill. Our relationships with business and insurance heavyweights give us extremely high bonding capacity for business projects. Give us a call today for a free estimate from an experienced professional. 

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