Why Do Some Fence Designs Stick in Your Memory?

Ornamental Iron Chancellor Series

How many times have vacationers visited areas with vast open spaces fenced with white rails containing horses and cattle? Some vacationers have visited historic homes in certain cities that used fence designs with split rails and picket fencing. It reminds them of Gone With the Wind, George Washington’s Mount Vernon and the peaceful countryside near Gettysburg. Visitors just know that when they step out of the car after driving along a fenced historical home’s drive, they will step back in time. They look around in wonder as if they will suddenly see George and Martha Washington walking beneath the old oak trees. That’s how powerful fences can be.

Ornamental Fence Designs

Think of the ornamental fence designs around the pool at Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. The ornamental iron in the brick fence around Graceland inspired thousands of homeowners to do the same in addition to fencing their pools in the same style. These are still trending today. While a fence adds value and security to a home, it can also add beauty and style. Graceland was the perfect example of that particular style.

Vacationers will find this mainly in the South, but even some Mid-Atlantic estates and pre-Civil War plantation homes still have the original ornamental fence designs, like the Wood Fence Estate 1. Many small towns still have antebellum homes, some from pioneer days and the earliest days of the country. Visitors to Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania will notice these. Those homes are fenced today for privacy and against vandalism, but notice the style of the fences. Some still retain their native stone base with ornamental iron atop the stone.

Rail and Picket Fence Designs

They can be found in cities and in the suburbs. They can be seen surrounding magnificent homes as well as cottages. They protect new homes and old homes. They are rail and picket fences. The kind of fence designs surrounding the horses on Little House on the Prairie now grace tract homes and gated communities. These types of fence are more decorative than protective, but even the appearance of a fence warns people not to trespass. Homeowners associations approve of rail fencing especially, a boon to a new homeowner.

Picket fencing comes in wood, vinyl and ornamental. Ornamental picket fences can be found surrounding vast estates or even large homes. They can be constructed in country style and modern style. They can be constructed with wire mesh inside the fence to discourage the dog from getting out. Picket fences can even be constructed closely for privacy.

Privacy Fence Designs

As unavoidable as noise is today, there is always a fence to stand between homeowners and the noise. Privacy fence designs vary, because homeowners associations as well as local and city regulations dictate how they should be built. These can suit many functions, from protecting the pets and children from traffic to keeping the uninvited out of the pool to deterring drivers from pulling into the driveway in order to turn around. Privacy fencing might be utilitarian or decorative, as the homeowner wishes.

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