Create a Unique Wood Fence Style

Red Cedar Wood Picket Fence

Timeless and traditional, wood fence remains one of the most popular types of fences with today’s homeowners. The possibilities are endless when designing a fence unique to your needs and architectural preferences. The height, length and openness of the fence can all be customized and architectural details can help to accessorize your fence, just talk to your fence company.

Semi-private fences are constructed with alternating boards placed on both sides of the fence, giving an even appearance. Often called “good neighbor” fence, this style also withstands high winds better than a solid board fence. Post and rail fences can be enhanced with mesh wire to contain pets. A picket fence can have a variety of looks, whether dipped, arched or straight. Pickets can be gothic, colonial gothic, or dog-eared.

Latticework can be used to accent a privacy or semi-private fence. Post caps and finials can provide an architectural detail to a picket or any other type of fence. No matter what the style of fence, a wide variety of accessories exist to develop a custom look.

Why stop with a wood fence? The same accessorizing features that make your fence special can be utilized with other projects.

A deck and rail system can also complement a wood fence. For a private backyard getaway, homeowners could construct a gazebo or an arbor or trellis to suit their tastes. Gates can be built to match or designed in a way that sets them apart from the fence. Since wood can be stained, painted, or shaped in many different ways, it’s possible to coordinate a variety of projects to match.