Stockade fencing can provide the optimal balance of beauty, security, and value. Think about your fence as the container for your life – your property, your pets and loved ones, and the space you inhabit in your daily activities and special occasions. Given their value, the quality of this container matters. It should match the aesthetics of your space. More, it should beautify your home in its style and construction. It should protect what you love and offer you a sense of that protection in the time you spend within its walls. This container’s structure should match your values in preserving the environment in addition to your budget. As the best fence company in America, we know that your fence is the container for your life, and we offer stockade fencing that meets your life’s demands.

Stockade fencing tightly places wood boards side-by-side. Often, the panels have pointed tops for security and style. Horizontal runners and sturdy fence posts give structure to the wood panels, providing strength and stability. Eventually, stockade fence panels will loosen up, and “sunlight gaps” will form.

Our professionals are ready to discuss your dreams as soon as you are. They will help you work through the considerations of cost, time frame, permitting, and whatever else might come up in the planning and construction process. Let us be a part of building your future by inquiring about a free estimate and sharing your fencing aspirations. We’ll make them happen together.

We can handle any of your wood fence needs.

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A quality stockade fence can help transform your yard into an extended outdoor living area.

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Very happy with our fence!

Long Fence completed our fence project in a timely manner and met all of our expectations. Their employees were all responsive to our needs and went the extra mile to ensure all of our requests were met, including one that required them to track down supplies that weren’t readily available. Very happy with our fence!

Vickie B.