can be so beautiful!

Aluminum Fences

If you are considering buying a new fence for your property, aluminum may be the best option. Lightweight but durable, aluminum keeps human and animal intruders out while protecting your children and pets. As an added benefit, aluminum fences can add to the look and property value of your home without distracting from your yard’s beauty.

Don’t settle for just any aluminum fence. At Long® Fence, we care about providing you with the perfect aluminum fence for your property. We have a unique Heritage™ Series aluminum that comes in a variety of styles. Our Heritage™ Plus features wider pickets, no visible screws on pickets within the sections, and multiple gate options, including Boerboel Gate hardware and GardDog Latch™ products.. All fencing comes with a powder-coated finish, which offers longevity and protection against the elements.

Heritage™ Series aluminum fence comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Financing options are available for qualified buyers with approved credit. For more information, give us a call today for free consultation. Our team of qualified experts is eager to help you find the right aluminum fence at a reasonable cost.

Aluminum is Strong and Durable

There’s a reason why aluminum fences are so popular. Aluminum is the perfect material for fencing. It is lightweight, difficult to bend or break, and resilient in a wide variety of weather conditions. The powder-coated finish we apply to aluminum fences protects against peeling, cracking, and chipping, leaving it looking as new as the day it was installed. Your aluminum fence could last for decades with little or no damage.

Aluminum fences are thus easy to maintain. Aluminum fences can go years or decades with just a powder-coated finish. Aluminum fences do not face other common issues like wood rot, termites, and the wear and tear that comes from exposure to the elements. Aluminum is also resistant to rust, making aluminum a lower-maintenance option than materials that do rust.

Aluminum Fences that Rack

Homeowners with yards that slope probably understand the difficulty of building a fence on uneven terrain. The flat nature of fences means gaps will likely be left under the slats of a traditional fence, allowing small animals or even people to crawl under the fence. Of course, this defeats the entire purpose of installing a fence in the first place.

Fortunately, aluminum fences that rack solve this problem. Racking aluminum fences means that fence panels can adjust to the slope of your yard without resorting to the stair-stepping of wood or vinyl fences on a slope. Not only does racking keep aluminum fences more difficult to penetrate, but they also add to the beauty of the yard by keeping the top rail even along the fence. For more information on our racking aluminum fences, give us a call today for a free consultation.

Aluminum Fences Increase the Value of Your Home

Depending on the size of your property, investing in aluminum fencing may seem like a lot of money, but it is an investment that pays off. The low or non-existent maintenance costs of an aluminum fence mean your fence will likely be a one-time investment. Additionally, aluminum fences are less expensive than wrought iron fences, so you get the look, but not the price tag.

Though aluminum fences tend to be a little more expensive than wood or vinyl fences, this added cost is usually more than offset by the value it adds to your home. The added security and curb appeal of an aluminum fence can make your home much more attractive to potential buyers when you’re ready to sell your home, especially if the buyers have pets or young children they want to protect. Having an aluminum fence already installed before you sell will make your property much more valuable.

Aluminum Fences for Yards and Gardens

In terms of design, one of the most obvious features of an aluminum fence is that it’s see-through. Depending on what you want to get out of your fence, this may be an advantage or disadvantage. Homeowners who are highly concerned with privacy or want to block the view from their yard may be better off with a solid wood or vinyl fence.

The see-through nature of traditional an aluminum fence, however, has other advantages. Unlike solid wood or vinyl fences, aluminum fences add security while maintaining a sense of openness between your yard and the outside world. This can make your yard feel larger and more expansive. They also let in more natural light, which may help your plants grow if your fence is near a garden. Aluminum fences are also perfect for homeowners who want to showcase the hard work they’ve put into their yards.

Aluminum Fences for Pools

Aluminum fences aren’t just for yards and gardens. If you own a pool, an aluminum fence is the perfect tool to keep your family and guests safe. Even if you do not have any small children or poor swimmers in your household, it is still a good idea to fence in your pool. If a guest or neighborhood child falls into an unfenced pool on your property and drowns, you might be held legally responsible.

Fortunately, an aluminum fence is an easy solution. Our aluminum fences follow all BOCA swimming pool safety codes. Safety codes require that aluminum fences be at least 4 feet tall and have no more than 4 inches between each rail picket and between the bottom of the fence and the ground. There are also specific requirements for the gate and latch.

If you purchase a Long Fence aluminum pool gate, you will not have to worry about the safety codes. Our experts have an understanding of all local pool codes and will ensure your aluminum fence meets all of the requirements. For more information on our pool fences, give us a call today.

Finding the Right Aluminum Fence Design

Though aluminum fences may all seem alike at first glance, you’ll begin to notice a lot of subtle design differences if you look more closely. Some fences look more ornamental, while some have a more simplistic design. More ornamental fences tend to have pickets protruding from the top or bottom of the fence, while simpler designs might have a flat top and bottom. Choosing the right design for your property will help you accentuate the beauty of your yard.

Regardless of which aluminum fence design you choose, we can customize the fence to fit your needs. All of our aluminum fences come in many different styles and heights and offer a strong, secure construction. The top-rail of the aluminum fence also comes in a variety of designs, ranging from the sleek Yorktown fencing to the protruding pressed point pickets of the Piedmont. To top it off, our aluminum fences come with a powder-coated finish that gives the fencing durability and longevity.


Hancock ornamental fencing has a double rail at the top with no exposed pickets, and one rail at the bottom with protruding pickets to keep pests from squeezing under the fence. It’s an ideal fence for pools. If you have small children or pets or your local regulations require a pool fence, Hancock style is a great way to go. The Hancock can be as tall as 6 feet, but the size is customizable. Our experts will help you determine the requirements your pool fence must meet, be they from the city or from an HOA.


The Yorktown style is also an excellent option for a pool fence if local regulations permit it. The Yorktown style has no exposed pickets, so it’s a safe option for parents of curious children. With a single rail at the top and bottom, it is also an excellent option for homeowners looking for a simplistic design. The Yorktown comes in 48” only.


A popular ornamental style, the Antietam adds prestige to any yard. It combines the safety of a smooth top rail with the more traditional and ornamental look of spikes protruding from the top. The Antietam comes in a wide variety of heights and rail configurations. From 42” to 72”, it’s sure to remain a fixture on your property for decades.


The Fredericksburg was designed to meet exacting pool fence regulations. For homeowners with local codes or HOA rules that call for a 54” tall fence and 45” spacing between the rails, the Fredericksburg will pass with flying colors.


The Charleston style gives a property a fence that makes a statement to the outside world. The flat-top pickets are designed to be topped with decorative finials that can give your fence a personal touch. The flat-topped pickets protruding from the top rail of this ornamental fence are capped with a black plug cap. Want a fence that’s ornate and regal? Fun and personalized? Then the Charleston is your choice.


The most secure style of aluminum fence, the Piedmont leaves your views unobstructed while still giving fence climbers something to think about with pressed point pickets on top. The Piedmont meets most pool codes as well.