can be so beautiful!

Aluminum Fences

Stately and elegant, an aluminum fence adds unmatched distinction to your property.

HeritageTM Series Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Styles

Heritage™ Series aluminum fencing comes in a variety of styles. Our Heritage™ Plus features wider pickets, no visible screws on pickets within the sections and multiple gate options including Z-lock gate hardware. All fencing comes with a powder-coated finish, which offers longevity and protection against the elements.

All Heritage™ Series aluminum fence comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Financing options are available from licensed lenders for qualified buyers.

The Advantage of an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum has many advantages over other types of fencing material.

Aluminum is resistant to rust because it forms a natural layer of aluminum oxide on its surface, which doesn’t react to water. Add to that a powder-coated finish, and you’ve got a great look that doesn’t require a lot of time on maintenance. Aluminum fences are resilient in a wide variety of weather and strong enough to resist collisions and bumps.

An aluminum fence gives you a gorgeous separation barrier, but doesn’t spoil the view. Your view out your backdoor will remain basically unchanged, and the neighbors will still be able to see all the great work you’ve put into your landscaping. It goes with just about any landscape or property.

If you want to know more about how aluminum might be right for you property, contact us for a free consultation.

Types of Aluminum Fencing

All of our aluminum fences come in many different styles and heights and offer a strong, secure construction. Whether you are looking for a pool enclosure or a way to divide your property, we offer many types of fences for your needs. All of our aluminum fences come with a powder-coated finish that gives the fencing durability and longevity.

The top-rail of the aluminum fence also comes in a variety of designs ranging from the sleek Yorktown fencing to the protruding pressed point pickets of the Piedmont.


Hancock ornamental fencing is ideal for pool enclosures where permitted by code. If you have small children or pets or your local regulations require a pool fence, Hancock style is a great way to go. The Hancock can be as tall as 6 feet and features protruding pickets on the bottom that deter pests from squeezing under the fence to get to your pool. Our experts will help you determine the requirements your pool fence must meet, be they from the city or from an HOA.


The Yorktown style is also a great option for a pool fence if code permits. The Yorktown style has no exposed pickets, so it’s a safe option for parents of curious children. The Yorktown comes in 48” only.


A popular ornamental style, the Antietam adds prestige to any yard. The Antietam comes in a wide variety of heights and rail configurations. From 42” to 72”, it’s sure to remain a fixture on your property for decades.


The Fredericksburg was designed to meet exacting pool fence regulations. For homeowners with local codes or HOA rules that call for a 54” tall fence and 45” spacing between the rails, the Fredericksburg will pass with flying colors.


The Charleston style gives a property a fence that makes a statement to the outside world. The flat-top pickets are designed to be topped with decorative finials that can give your fence a personal touch. Want a fence that’s ornate and regal? Fun and personalized? Then the Charleston is your choice.


The most secure style of aluminum fence, the Piedmont leaves your views unobstructed while still giving fence climbers something to think about with pressed point pickets on top. The Piedmont meets most pool codes as well.