Stockade Fencing

Stockade fencing can provide the optimal balance of beauty, security, and value. Think about your fence as the container for your life - your property, your pets and loved ones, and the space you inhabit in your daily activities and special occasions. Given their value, the quality of this container matters. It should match the aesthetics of your space. More, it should beautify your home in its style and construction. It should protect what you love and offer you a sense of that protection in the time you spend within its walls. This container’s structure should match your values in preserving the environment in addition to your budget. At Long Fence, we know that your fence is the container for your life, and we offer stockade fencing that meets your life’s demands.

What is Stockade Fencing?

Stockade fencing tightly places wood boards side-by-side. Often, the panels have pointed tops for security and style. Horizontal runners and sturdy fence posts give structure to the wood panels, providing strength and stability.

Stockade Fences Add Aesthetic Beauty

There’s a reason stockade fences have never gone out of style. Since America’s early days, people have recognized the rustic appeal of stockade fences. While techniques and construction have evolved, the enduring value of a wood fence remains. More, we can match the beauty of the fence to its surroundings. More, stockade fencing can keep your existing yard, plants, and landscape safe by protecting them from the elements and helping prevent the encroachment of weeds and invasive species.

The aesthetics of wood fencing are versatile and suited to a wide array of architectural styles. Wood fencing, unlike other types like vinyl, offers the opportunity to adjust the look and feel of a fence throughout its life. Say you decide to repaint your home or invest in new landscaping; you always have the option to restain and refinish your fence. You’ll have the opportunity to do this yourself or through professional means. The adjustability of your fence means that smaller investments in repairs to renew your fence will pay big dividends toward its look and feel.

Stockade Fencing Creates Spatial Intimacy

Your physical environment is the theater for your life’s activities. Stockade fencing provides proper intimacy for the show. By providing a boundary for your activities, you can confine them with a sense of closeness and support. Think of spatial intimacy as holding in the things you love and keeping out the things you don’t. It sounds like music and conversation will remain within the walls of the fence, and you’ll enjoy more of what you want to hear. A stockade fence proves ideal both for your regular activities and the times you bring guests in your space. You’ll like what you see as well — stockade fencing provides a beautiful backdrop to your garden, landscaping, and the other ways you choose to decorate your yard.

A stockade fence can also help protect your plants and landscaping to keep them safe and growing correctly. Stockade fences become a blank canvas for your additional decorations and plants to create as you choose. Your fence will keep out the sights you’d rather not see like the street, neighbors, etc. while highlighting the sights you find most special. Finally, your fence can shelter you from the elements and provide respite from inclement weather. Your fence will offer a degree of protection from strong wind, snow buildups, rain, and other weather risks.

Limited sightlines also offer a sense of privacy. Yards with pools, hot tubs, and other similar features will especially benefit from this added privacy. Yet you don’t need a pool to enjoy seclusion. Whatever you have in your space, you can keep it to yourself with a stockade fence. This fence is ideally suited for privacy needs as its panels and height provide the maximum sight restriction; our stockade fences come 72” standard. Fencing offers seclusion from pedestrians, nearby roads, and neighbors. Whether you’re entertaining, watching your children or pets, sunbathing, or any number of other activities, keep yourself comfortable by adding the privacy of a stockade fence.

Stockade Fences are Secure

More than keeping out unwanted sights and sounds, stockade fencing can keep out unwanted guests as well. On the simplest level, a fence can help prevent strangers and their pets from wandering into your yard for whatever reason. For yards with pools, this can be a life-saving precaution that protects children or animals. A sturdy fence will not only keep strangers out but your loved ones in. A stockade fence can keep your children and pets from wandering beyond the parameters of your property. It can prove especially helpful if you live near a street, water, or other dangers. A little peace of mind goes a long way around the safety of children and pets and making sure they have a safe place to play and roam.

In more severe cases, fences have the possibility of keeping your family, occupants, pets, and property safe. A sturdy stockade fence can conceal and protect the people and objects in your yard. Dog theft is a little-known threat that the American Kennel Club estimates affects up to 2 million pets each year. Proper fencing, in addition to other security precautions, might make the difference in keeping your pet safe. In keeping your property safe, reports that a sturdy fence that is difficult to climb is great for preventing theft and burglary. Ideally, the stronger the fence and the tougher it is to climb, the better the burglary protection. Stockade fencing can be ideal for this function due to its ridged top and sturdy construction.

Stockade Fencing Boosts Property Value

Fences can add value to your property for a variety of reasons. First, if your home is near a busy street or intersection, the noise reduction provided by the fence can provide added utility to the yard and value to the overall property. Generally, if you have a pool in your yard, prospective buyers like to see that they will enjoy privacy as they use the pool and surrounding areas. This also applies to any other yard features that require additional privacy. Fences can mitigate liability around accidents of an unprotected pool, preventing possible damages. Clearfield and Associates law firm lists building a fence as the top step for a homeowner to take in protecting themselves from a lawsuit.

Your neighborhood and your neighbors can also offer reasons why adding a fence might improve your home’s property value. If other neighbors generally have a fence, keeping with the norms of your neighborhood can add to the desirability of your house. If neighbors have loud or aggressive dogs, chances are that both you and prospective buyers would like to see your yard sheltered from intrusion and noise. Fences might also add value to your home if they define unclear property lines. Giving buyers a sense of the property’s actual boundaries can add to the curb appeal of the house, especially when the fence gives off a sense of the property’s size. Finally, the aesthetic appeal of a stockade wood fence can add to your home’s overall visual appeal and impress prospective buyers from their first look.

Making the Choice

When thinking about purchasing a fence, consider your reasons and your needs. What are your primary concerns? How do you want to weigh these considerations? Often, choosing the right fence comes with tradeoffs - more materials may mean more strength, but higher cost. A taller and sturdier fence might offer more privacy and security but may not complement your landscaping or house. Reflecting on your needs and discussing them with your family is always the first step.

It can be helpful to create a list of your top priorities for a fence and the most compelling reasons to buy. These were our top reasons:

  • Aesthetic beauty: adding depth and complexity to your property with a fence that complements your existing structures and landscape
  • Spatial intimacy: creating the right ambiance in your space by crafting thoughtful boundaries
  • Security: keeping your loved ones and pets safe and nearby while keeping out any uninvited guests
  • Added property value: increasing the monetary value and curb appeal of your house

Our professionals are ready to discuss your dreams as soon as you are. They will help you work through the considerations of cost, time frame, permitting, and whatever else might come up in the planning and construction process. Let us be a part of building your future by inquiring about a free estimate and sharing your fencing aspirations. We’ll make them happen together.


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