Four of the Most Attractive Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Red Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

Most homeowners who want to get privacy fences want them to make their yards, well, more private, and they want to enhance their home protection. Fences can make a yard quieter, while also keeping children and pets inside.

Often, homeowners are more concerned with function than they are with form, but aesthetics are important, too. Unattractive, displeasing-looking wood privacy fence styles won’t let homeowners enjoy their yards as much as they possibly can. Conversely, aesthetically pleasing privacy fence screens can enhance a yard, and make it more enjoyable.

Here are a few of the most attractive styles of privacy fences you can have built around your yard to make it not only safer and more private, but also more enjoyable.

Scalloped Top

Scalloped top fences have beams that slope downward between posts. The top of each beam is cut in such a way that, when looked at all together, the fence appears to be making a soft sort of valley, like the top of the fence has been scalloped.

Lattice Top

Lattice top privacy fences have, as the name implies, a lattice framework on top of them. These privacy fences are quite ornate looking and can make a yard feel lighter and more elegant.

Dog-Eared Top

A dog-eared top fence looks very much like the average picket fence but isn’t quite as pointy. Typically, picket fences have spiked sort of tops. Each beam ends in an arrow shape. Dog eared fences are the same way, but the tip of each “arrow” has been trimmed, which makes it look a bit less harsh, and a lot more friendly.

Arched Top

An arched top fence is the opposite of a scalloped top fence. Instead of sloping downward as though it’s been scalloped, each beam of an arch top fence slopes upward, so that altogether it looks like it’s forming an arch.

Quality fences can make homeowners’ yards more enjoyable, more private, and safer. Though any one of these different privacy fences can make a yard more aesthetically pleasing, some homeowners may find one that’s better looking than the others based on their own respective tastes.

If you have any questions about these privacy fences, feel free to call the best fence company around.

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