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Timeless and traditional, wood fencing remains one of our most popular products with today’s homeowners.

At Long Fence we appreciate the classic beauty of wooden fences. They’re sturdy and will never go out of style. We offer several different materials for both panels and posts, as well as an array of styles and patterns.

Whether you’re looking to add a fence to your property or replace one that’s seen better days, Long Fence can help. As the best fence company in America, we will work with you, and your budget, to find the right type of wood and the best design for your home’s needs. Then our expert builders will make sure it is installed correctly so you don’t have to worry about it.

Read below and view our gallery to find out what type of wooden fence is right for your home’s aesthetic. From picket to privacy, we offer the fencing you need.

A Wood Fence to Fit Your Budget

A wood fence offers you the most value for your dollar. When you’re fencing in a large area like a backyard, wood is a strong choice.

Because of the high quality of lumber used, our wood fences resist rot, waterlogging, UV damage, and breakage. You save money in the long run working with a company who uses high-quality materials because you spend less on maintenance.

While it’s not necessary to stain and paint wood fences, some may prefer the overall appearance of a stained or painted fence.

Transform your yard into an extension of your living space with a traditional preserved wood fence. A quality fence installed by Long® Fence can dramatically increase both the curb appeal and property value of your home!

Types of Wood Fencing

We work with a few different types of treated wood for our fencing projects. Our team will go over your options with you and help you decide what type of wood works best for your home.

You should also know that while other types of boards may be used in the construction of your fence, the framework of your fence will be built using pressure-treated lumber because it excels below ground.

Since we also build custom-designed fences, whatever your vision is for your home we can make it a reality. We do have two types of wood we use primarily though:


Long® Fence installs wood fencing primarily using Micropro™ treated wood which contains a nonmetallic preservative to resist rot, decay and termites. For long life and low maintenance, Micropro™ also contains stabilizers to curb weathering and minimize swelling and shrinking. With the range of weather we see throughout the year, it’s important to use materials that perform well.

The extended life of the wood makes it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We use Micropro™ wood because it offers the natural beauty of wood with less upkeep for the homeowner.


For consumers looking for a non-pressure-treated alternative for the boards that comprise the fence, Long® Fence also carries western red cedar wood fencing. Western red cedar has been the wood of choice for builders and homeowners for decades. And for good reason.

Natural oils in western red cedar wood fences provide a level of protection for the wood. Western red cedar naturally resists moisture, decay and insect damage. While all lumber shrinks, cedar has less tendency to shrink, swell, cup, twist, or warp even under extreme weather conditions.

Western red cedar offers a beautiful, classic look without sacrificing durability. If you want a more natural aesthetic for your property’s fencing, western red cedar might be the right choice for you.

Wood Fence Styles and Designs

What is the right style of wood fence for your home’s look? We offer a wide array of designs and styles so that your vision can have the exact aesthetic you want. We can design and build a fence that meets your needs.

Whether you want a pastoral look for your property, a classic, welcoming picket fence, or a sturdy privacy fence, we can build it. Not only the sections, but we also have options for different posts and gates that can change the aesthetic dramatically. Stains are up to the client to apply.

Semi-private fences are constructed with alternating boards placed on both sides of the fence, giving an even appearance. Often called “good neighbor” fence, this style also withstands high winds better than a solid board fence. Post and rail fences can be enhanced with mesh wire to contain pets. A picket fence can have a variety of looks, whether dipped, arched or straight. Pickets can be gothic, colonial gothic, or dog-eared.

Latticework can be used to accent a privacy or semi-private fence. Post caps and finials can provide an architectural detail to a picket or any other type of fence. No matter what the style of fence, a wide variety of accessories exist to develop a custom look.

Why stop with a wood fence? The same accessorizing features that make your fence special can be utilized with other projects.

A deck and rail system can also complement a wood fence. For a private backyard getaway, homeowners could construct a gazebo or an arbor or trellis to suit their tastes. Gates can be built to match or designed in a way that sets them apart from the fence. Since wood can be stained, painted, or shaped in many different ways, it’s possible to coordinate a variety of projects to match.

Long Fence Custom Wood Fences

We also design custom wood fences. That includes using different materials and building to custom specs as well as new and innovative designs. We can also build wood gates of varying widths complement the specific look of your home and fencing. Long Fence covers every part of your fencing needs.

Contact us today so we can help you increase your home’s value and improve the look of your property. We’ll help you pick the right design for your home and budget and our expert builders will install it. Financing is available for qualified buyers with approved credit. Give us a call to get started!

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Board and Batten Fence

Board & Batten

The top-of-the-line privacy fence for homeowners who want that a natural wood look and economical pricing. The alternating size of the boards takes into account wood shrinkage, so there is an element of privacy that is created. This design, when installed by our expert crew, is durable and easy to maintain.

Board & Batten Fence


Board-on-board fences are semi-private and offer a wealth of customization options. This fence is commonly called the “good neighbor” fence because your neighbor’s side of the fence will look just as great as yours. It’s stylish and is a great compromise to fit all of your fencing needs.

Board-on-Board fence
Wood Board on Board Fence
Wood Estate Fence

Estate fence

Wood estate fences offer the pastoral look of a paddock or split rail fence with more substance. The more intricate pattern of the boards is great for keeping in pets, children, or smaller livestock. Because of this, estate fencing can also be a great option if one side of your property faces a busy road, and you use split rail or paddock fencing on the rest of your land.

Estate fence

Picket Fence

This classic American design is a charming addition to any yard. It is a wonderful way to frame your house, particularly the front yard. Picket fencing is customizable, and Long Fence offers a plethora of design choices and heights. Have the home you always envisioned by adding a beautiful wooden picket fence.

picket fence
Wood Picket Lawn Fence
Wood Spaced Board and Lattice

Spaced Board

A spaced board fence straddles the line between privacy fence and picket fence. Spaced board fences are great for keeping your pets and children safe. It’s a unique look, and can be built with a lattice on top for an added touch of elegance.

Spaced Board fence

Split Rail

The split rail design drastically reduces the amount of material needed, therefore overhead costs are reduced. The economical choice for property owners who need to fence in entire tracts of land, like farmers or ranch owners. Split rail has a classic pastoral look. If you have a larger property, a riding arena, or just want to add a rustic look to your front yard, split rail wooden fencing may be right for you.

Split Rail Fence
Welded Wire Wood Fence Split Rail
Wood Stockage Fence In Backyard


Stockade style is a privacy fence that places boards tightly together with pointed pickets. Aesthetically, stockade fencing is a solid choice for colonial style homes. It gives your backyard privacy and can be built to custom heights. Stockade fencing is a classic American look in the backyard.

Stockade Fence


A similar look to the split rail fence, it is economical and sturdy. The paddock fence can deter livestock from leaving or just give a rustic look to your home. If you’re fencing in a large area or livestock, you might consider oak paddock boards.

Paddock Fence
Wood Paddock Fence with Wire
Wood Vertical Board Fence

Vertical Board

A vertical board fence is a good option for homeowners who want to create a secluded sanctuary in their backyards. It’s a traditional style for homeowners and allows for privacy but will develop “sunlight spaces” over the years. Because of the minimal space between the boards and the available heights, vertical board fencing gives your family safety and security.

Vertical Board Fence