Each Fence Design has a Purpose

Lawn Wood Picket Fence

A fence is more than just a structure. It has a purpose. Fence designs should be chosen to fit the purpose you have in mind.

  • Privacy: Along a yard inclosing your patio or garden, especially where neighbors are in close proximity.
  • Protection: Such as a fence surrounding a pool, a backyard where pets or young children play.
  • Security: This covers children, pets and livestock as well as your home.

The different fence designs also make a statement. Some fences say “Welcome.” How often have you heard of the house with the white picket fence as being a part of the dream house. Others say “Private Area!” Just how they say it, depends on the fence. A stockade fence blocks the total view from all on the outside. An ornamental iron fence, especially with little ‘arrow’ embellishments may not block the view, but they do discourage climbing over the fence.

The ornamental iron design can also go way beyond practical with the beautiful detailed embellishments that can be added, not only long the top, but within the fence design itself.

Privacy can come in a simple style such as the stockade. A touch of detail can be added, usually along the top of the fence to dress it up a bit. Besides the stockade style, you can use the vertical board, board and batten and the vinyl privacy fence design.

Protection and security, such as is required around a pool, can be made of open style fences if privacy is not desired. The open structure of the aluminum, ornamental iron or vinyl gives protection and will meet the codes, and they also let the breeze come through on that hot day.

If your home is in a rural area, your needs will be most different from those of the urban home dweller. You may have to corral a few horses or cows. Because of the long expanse needed, there are certain fence designs that fit this perfectly. The split rail and paddock designs are great for this. The 3 board vinyl and 4 board vinyl are a bit more involved structurally. What would fit best, is determined by the where and the why for the fence.

If you are not sure what type of fence fits your needs, contact us when you feel you are ready to make that decision of choosing the correct fence design for your needs.