How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

Red Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

Long Fence offers a cornucopia of diverse fencing styles, but the privacy fence is among our most popular. Privacy fences provide you with an aesthetically pleasing fencing option to increase both the value AND the security of your home. Privacy fences can keep unwanted noise and sights out of your house, and protect your loved ones at the same time. Whether you want to provide your kids with a safe place to play, keep your pets from running out of your yard, or prevent overly curious neighbors from peeping in; a privacy fence offers interior safety as well as protection from the outside. Whether you are fencing a home or a commercial property, we can deliver exactly what you need.

A number of factors will determine the price point of your brand new privacy fence. For starters, the installation cost will be determined by the dimensions of your desired fence. As a rule of thumb, as the amount of labor and the number of materials increases, so to will the cost of the project. While the area enclosed by the fence is an important variable to consider, so too is the actual height of the fence. The cost of the length of the fence varies greatly depending on the height of the fence. In addition, you will have to think about adding gates to your fence, which will raise the price as well.

Another consideration is the actual geography of the fence. Are you planning to install a fence in an area with hills, rocks, or other rough terrains? This will increase the cost due to the additional labor needed. The landscaping involved with removing trees or bushes may also raise the installation cost of a fence. In some areas, you may even need to pay your local government a permit fee and be approved by a zoning board before you can begin building your fence.

Materials Determine the Cost of the Fence

However, the most impactful factor on your project’s bottom line is the type of material you select to build your fence. At Long Fence, our most popular privacy fences come in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link. After deciding on your favored material, you will then need to select the actual style of fence, which again affects the total cost. With so many varieties of materials to choose from, each with its own pros and cons, the cost of a privacy fence tends to greatly vary. But regardless of the length of the fence, the location of the fence, and the type of material you choose for your home, Long Fence’s wide array of high quality, affordable fences and proven team of professional installers are certain to leave you satisfied.

Chain Link

On the more inexpensive end, the chain link fence can provide privacy, but in its most basic form, can be lacking in the aesthetic department. Chain link fences are some of the most durable fences on the market and need none of the upkeep required by more traditional wooden and aluminum fences. In addition to their durability, chain link fences are remarkably easy to install, which will cut down on initial labor costs when compared to materials with more intricate installation procedures. While some homeowners prefer chain link fences for their classic and utilitarian look, we recognize that chain link alone does not offer the visual privacy of some other materials. This is why we offer a high level of customization. To increase the privacy and security of your home, you have the option of adding vertical vinyl slats to reduce the visibility of your yard from the outside world by about 80%. Our chain link fences come in a variety of colors as well, so you can make your chain link fence feel like your own. Chain link fences can range in price dramatically depending on their height, but you can generally expect to pay somewhere in the range of $50 to $140 per linear foot depending on the style and height of the fence.


Many fence buyers see vinyl fencing as an optimal choice for privacy. Vinyl, like chain link, is inexpensive, but does not sacrifice any aesthetics for the cost. Vinyl fencing looks much like traditional wood, but unlike wood fencing, it requires nowhere near the amount of upkeep. Not only that, but with wood privacy fencing you may find gaps between boards or pickets; a vinyl privacy fence, on the other hand, is built with practically no space at all between boards. This means that you can have some peace of mind, knowing that even the most prying of eyes will not be able to peek through.

Our vinyl privacy fences make any home the protect more attractive to neighbors and prospective buyers. With the board selection of colors and styles offered by Long Fence, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Unbelievably customizable, we can build your vinyl fence as tall as you want and in nearly any color imaginable. This degree of customization means that quoting a general price point is nearly impossible. The cost of vinyl fencing is entirely dependent on your needs making vinyl an excellent choice for anyone: from the more economically minded consumer to a buyer with the most opulent of designs in mind.


What is there to say about wood that hasn’t already been said? Wood was one of mankind first building materials, and for very good reason, continues to endure as one of the most reliable, sturdy, and visually pleasing building materials available. While our chain link and vinyl options are excellent, they can only mimic the look of real wood.

At Long Fence, we offer two different types of wooden fencing. Our EcoLife fences are treated using the best available technology to prevent damage from the elements and insects. These fences are also stabilized to reduce damage caused by swelling and shrinkage due to changing temperature and humidity. These treated fences can last for years without the degree of maintenance required by untreated wood. We also offer the classic look of red cedar.

Though naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage, we still encourage buyers to stain their wooden fences to extend their lifespan. Simply washing your fence every year can extend the life of your fence substantially. Though buyers often think of vinyl and chain link as the only low maintenance options, your wooden fence will not cause any more of a hassle than its worth over the many years it provides you with safety and security.

We offer a variety of wooden fence styles that make perfect privacy fences. These styles include board-on-board, board and batten, estate, and stockade fences. We offer all of these fences in a broad range of strength and thickness, meaning your fence will be built exactly to the degree of security that you wish. Wooden fences cost vastly different amounts from one another depending on how you choose to customize them, but you can expect a classy look for a reasonable price

Why Buy A Privacy Fence?

Year after year, our customers find their lives improve following the installation of a privacy fence. Raise your property value, protect your loved ones, and beautify your home with one simple addition. No matter what your reason for installing a fence is, we’ll get it done.

If you are interested in more information about what type of fence makes the most sense for you, and how much that fence might cost, please contact us for an estimate from one of our proven professionals. Your needs are unlike anyone else that’s why we make sure to have a collaborative relationship with our clients where communication and respect are key. All of our fences come with a one year warranty because we guarantee satisfaction.