How Much Does Vinyl Decking Cost?

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When choosing what type of deck to install, more non-traditional deck materials often fly under the radar. However, it would be a mistake to select a conventional material like wood, without even considering its lower maintenance, more highly customizable, and more cost-effective cousin: vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride, often simply referred to as vinyl, is quickly gaining popularity as a highly valuable and reputable material among those in the business of building and renovating homes. The cost of vinyl decking ranges greatly depending on your budget, the shape of the deck needed, and the deck is installed, though on average a square foot of vinyl decking will lighten your wallet less than a square foot of wood or aluminum without giving up any structural quality or aesthetic appeal. In any situation, vinyl decking is a stylish, sensible, and economical choice.

Spend Time Enjoying Your Deck, Not Maintaining It!

Every day more homeowners grow tired of the persistent upkeep required to maintain a deck made of organic material like wood or metal like aluminum. People are flocking in droves to vinyl because of how little maintenance it requires. A vinyl deck requires none of the stainings, weatherproofing, sealing, or regular refinishing with which many deck owners are all too familiar. The only upkeep required to keep your vinyl decking looking spick and span is an annual rinse with soap and water, and a quick spray down any time you feel that it is beginning to look dirty. That’s really all there is to it. Vinyl is the perfect material for the homeowner who wants to install a quality deck, and then not have to worry about it. No need to hire professionals or purchase expensive finishes; the only thing easier than taking care of your vinyl deck is enjoying the time you spend on it.

Avoid the Headache of Handling Environmental Wear and Tear with a Vinyl Deck

Not only do vinyl decks make it shockingly simple to keep them looking and feeling new, but they also save you from all the headaches that commonly come with wooden deck further down the road. Wooden deck owners are all too familiar with the routine of having to periodically investigate their decks for water damage, having to spend valuable time and resources dealing with the complications that often arise once water damage is discovered. Aluminum deck owners will be familiar with the oxidization that occurs when the metal comes into contact with water and alters the color of their deck. Vinyl decks, on the other hand, are completely waterproof, and will never be a hassle due to rot or other environmental damage that organic materials regularly fall prey to. A vinyl deck will never warp or cup, like a wooden deck might. Vinyl decking is a great option for the prospective deck owner living in an area with harsher environmental conditions.

Vinyl is also a safer option for families with children and pets, as vinyl does not slip or deteriorate like wood. Save yourself from having to remove splinters from your child’s foot, or taking the family dog for an emergency splinterectomy at your local vet by purchasing a vinyl deck. When all is said and done, your vinyl deck will, on average, last roughly twenty-five years. When you compare this figure to the ten to fifteen-year lifespan offered by wooden decks, vinyl certainly seems like a fantastic option. Even though wood may cost slightly less on the day of your purchase, vinyl requires none of the expensive or time-consuming upkeep of a wooden deck making it the more affordable option in the long-term.

Customize Your Deck

Vinyl decking comes in a variety of attractive colors, so you can have exactly what you want without worrying about a gratuitous and pricey painting process. You will not be beholden to conventionally woody colors either. With vinyl, you can order your deck in nearly any color imaginable, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your creative side. We’ll help you work through color options, because you will want to tailor your selection to the environment you are placing your deck in. For instance, if you want to place your deck in an area that gets a lot of sunlight, you may want to select a lighter color that absorbs less heat. With vinyl, you won’t need to worry about repainting every so often as you would with a wooden deck; all that’s required of you to maintain your deck are infrequent washes, simply achieved by spraying down your deck with soap and water.

More and more customers are seeing the benefits of vinyl decking, and the freedom vinyl allows them. Vinyl decking is shockingly customizable. Beyond the myriad colors at your fingertips, vinyl decking can also accommodate attractive features to make your deck even more pleasant to spend time on. Seeing that they have saved so much money over the long term by purchasing a vinyl deck, these new deck owners might decide that a family favorite feature such as a gazebo or a screened porch is within their budget. These popular deck additions are always sure to be a hit with kids, friends, neighbors, and will allow you to spend more time out on your new deck.

Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks. How Much Will a Vinyl Deck Cost to Purchase and Install?

On average, vinyl decking ranges roughly from about $9.5 to $15 per square foot accounting for both material and installation costs. However, this number is highly flexible depending on your situation. While a square foot of vinyl decking may cost marginally more upfront than other materials like wood or aluminum, the lifetime of the deck must be taken under consideration. Vinyl decks tend to last at least a decade longer than their wooden counterparts, without requiring anything remotely close to the same degree of maintenance. A vinyl deck will not look exactly like a wood deck, so if you are drawn by the aesthetic of wood or aluminum, and are willing to look beyond concerns of cost and practicality, those materials just might be your best options. However, the positives of purchasing a vinyl deck are almost irresistible. Vinyl decking is an excellent choice for the sensible homeowner looking for an attractive, weather retardant, customizable, and affordable deck.

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