I-95 Guardrail Installation

Commercial Guardrail Terminal

Long® Fence is replacing 28 miles of highway guardrail along I-95 in Northern Virginia. This extensive project is being conducted in partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), underscoring a shared commitment to enhancing road safety for thousands of motorists.

The initiative aims to bring this critical section of one of the busiest highways in the country up to the latest safety standards. As traffic volumes grow, the importance of reliable and resilient infrastructure cannot be overstated. The new guardrail system will provide improved safety features designed to reduce the severity of vehicle departures and enhance overall traffic safety.

Long® Fence is committed to delivering high-quality, durable solutions for our nation’s infrastructure. Our collaboration with VDOT on this project allows us to apply our expertise in a way that directly benefits the daily lives of countless drivers by making one of Virginia’s major arteries safer.

This guardrail replacement project reflects Long® Fence’s dedication to safety and its role as an integral partner in the development and maintenance of critical infrastructure across the region. By utilizing advanced materials and innovative construction techniques, Long® Fence is setting new standards for safety and reliability on America’s highways.

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