Laurel High School in Laurel, Delaware

Baseball Backstop Fence

Long® Fence recently completed installation of chain link fencing, gates and backstops for the athletic fields of Laurel High and Middle schools in Laurel, DE. Vinyl-coated chain link was installed on the football and lacrosse/soccer fields. Chain link fencing and backstops were also installed on the baseball and softball fields, both competition and practice. Other areas that received new fencing and gates with privacy slats were the bus entrance, and transformer, utility and trash enclosures. Dixie Construction from Georgetown, DE was the general contractor.

This initiative, designed to bolster both security and visual appeal, was carried out in close collaboration with Dixie Construction of Georgetown, DE, serving as the general contractor.

The project involved installing high-quality, vinyl-coated chain link fencing around the football and lacrosse/soccer fields. This choice of material ensures durability and low maintenance and blends seamlessly with the schools’ aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of the sports areas.

Additionally, new chain-link fencing and backstops were installed on the baseball and softball fields, encompassing both competition and practice areas. These installations provide essential safety for athletes and spectators, preventing stray balls from causing unintended disruptions or injuries.

Further securing the schools’ premises, Long® Fence installed new fencing and gates complete with privacy slats at critical points, including the bus entrance and around transformer, utility, and trash enclosures. These additions improve the schools’ visual cleanliness while ensuring restricted access to sensitive areas.

This project underscores Long® Fence’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of educational institutions. By enhancing the safety and aesthetic appeal of athletic fields, Long® Fence is helping Laurel High and Middle Schools provide a better environment for both students and faculty.

We are thrilled to partner with Laurel Schools to upgrade their athletic facilities. Our goal is to ensure that school facilities are not only safe but also welcoming, and we believe these improvements will greatly benefit the schools’ sports programs and their overall community.

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