Redskin’s Renovation at FedEx Field

Chain Link Fence with Custom Vinyl Slats

The renovation of FedEx Field, a significant endeavor to enhance the fan experience and stadium aesthetics, has engaged various stakeholders in its ambitious plans. Among the pivotal components of this extensive renovation is the relocation of the perimeter commercial chain link fence surrounding the seating bowl. Long® Fence, a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the fencing industry, has been entrusted with this task.

Long® Fence’s involvement in this project goes beyond mere relocation of fencing. It underscores the company’s expertise in handling large-scale and high-profile projects with precision and professionalism. The company is recognized for its comprehensive approach to project management, which encompasses meticulous planning, coordination with other contractors, and execution with the utmost attention to safety and structural integrity. Their role in this project is a testament to their standing as a trusted partner in construction and renovation projects, particularly those that require a keen eye for both functionality and aesthetics.

The ambitious renovation project at FedEx Field is designed to enhance the stadium’s game-day atmosphere and functionality significantly. Notably, the construction of two “party decks” stands out as a highlight of this renovation, promising to offer an innovative and engaging fan experience. These decks are envisioned to transform how fans watch games and interact within the stadium, providing a unique vantage point and socializing space that is expected to add a new dimension to attending games at FedEx Field.

Scheduled for completion in time for the start of the 2012 season, the entire renovation project, including the efforts of Long® Fence, reflects a commitment to excellence and a vision for a future-proofed venue. This deadline underscores the importance of timely and efficient work practices, ensuring that all renovations are completed to the highest standards without disrupting the upcoming football season. The collaboration between FedEx Field management and Long® Fence, along with other contractors, is a prime example of how strategic partnerships can lead to the successful realization of complex and large-scale projects, ultimately benefiting the end users – in this case, the fans and the broader community associated with the Washington Redskins.