What Should You Consider When Deciding on the Right Chain Link Fence Gate for Your Property?

Deciding to build a fence on your property is more than merely standing up a few barriers. A chain link fence and the chain link fence gate should be a cohesive decision, one that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. So many options exist; and it becomes the most viewed aspect of the chain link fence gate during each and every entry. But choosing the right design should be based on three important factors: purpose, maintenance, and regulations. Figure out the why and then add in the how much time you’re willing to spend on upkeep.


Deciding the reason to even put up a chain link fence is crucial. Your purpose will determine whether you need a gate or not. No gate means you go straight to your choice of material: wood, vinyl, iron, aluminum, and chain link. But the gate option means you might be seeking only a certain level of privacy. Maybe you simply want it all for decoration? Then ornate designs shoots to the top of the list.

What about security? A secure gate attached to your chain link fence might include locks, latches or be constructed with tighter or closer together bars, planks of wood, etc. to prevent looking in. You might prefer to be able to limit access to a section of your yard, or to do the opposite, allow access to a section or all of your yard, garden or even pool.

It is also important to consider how different materials can be combined to serve different purposes. When you choose certain materials, and certain strengths, these can assist you in deciding size and shape of your chain link fence gate. For instance, wrought iron gates offer wonderful design options; but are also very sturdy for privacy.

Additional reasons for chain link fence gate construction and deciding to include a gate might be:

  • Defining your property boundaries – do you want neighbors to be able to enter through certain areas?
  • Pet control – do you want to offer your pet a certain amount of space or protection?
  • Landscape protection – do you want to protect your finely manicured landscape design?
  • Child safety – outside time is critical to your little ones; your purpose behind installation might be to create a safe play area outside in the fresh air.


As nice as it would be for chain link fence gates to maintain themselves, this just doesn’t happen. And maintaining exterior elements that are weathered on a daily basis can be time-consuming. But maintenance is critical unless constant replacement is desired.

If you would prefer to commit to only a certain amount of required maintenance, consider wrought iron or chain link options. The constant opening up of these gates will only require a bit of cleaning sometimes. Additionally, it would be important to clear away brush and grasses from touching the gate. This may cause premature rusting of the iron.

Wood gates can offer privacy, easy opening, and a multitude of designs. Different woods require different levels of maintenance.

Neighborhood Regulations

Aesthetics are important. You want the chain link fence gate design to go with your house design. But it is also important to check if the desired design is permitted within the Homeowner’s Association, if an HOA is where you reside.

Purpose and maintenance only go so far if a particular security or privacy option is not allowed. Placement of the chain link fence gate may also need to be adjusted per the HOA. Consult your governing board prior to installation to avoid problems and avoid delay.

Find Your Perfect Look for Your Chain Link Fence Gate

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