Why Build an Electric Estate Gate?

Automated Gate with Railing

You’ve probably seen them – tall, metal fences in front of people’s driveways, a piece of equipment that seems to elevate the entire property. What is it, exactly?

It’s an electric estate gate. Many people install them for various reasons, and we’ll cover those here.

Protecting Your Property with an Electric Estate Gate

The first up is protecting your family and property. Electric estate gates are awesome for this. If you have pets, it keeps them safely inside your property but still allows them to roam and frolic happily in your front yard, content in watching the world go by. It also prevents any little kids you have from getting into the street, which is a constant source of fear for parents worldwide. The gate prevents unwanted visitors from parking and/or turning around in your driveway (kidnappers, random strangers, unwanted in-laws or family relatives, the nasty lady down the street, you name it) and stops package thieves from pulling up and making off with the parcels you ordered. It also allows you to screen door-to-door salesmen (hint hint: means you don’t have to deal with them, something everyone dreams of).

This doesn’t even take into account the protection of your landscaping. Many homeowners, especially those with large properties and acreage, struggle with deer eating their plants and/or grass, or struggle with rabbits or raccoons. The gate keeps the pesky critters out, which means you can enjoy your well-manicured lawn in peace.

Keeping Out Thieves

Also, thievery. A lot of people believe that when homes are broken into, it’s random. This is not the case. Many criminals plot out their targets beforehand. They look into things like household population, security, time the house is left alone, dogs (because those can cause problems), and the probability of high-end objects inside the house that’ll sell for a good price. Having a gate like one of ours gives you an automatic layer of security against these criminals. For one thing, no one wants to deal with a tall gate. Yes, you could technically climb over it, but you’ll probably be seen in the process, and it’ll take forever. That’s a no-go. Robbers want a quick in-and-out that has a high probability of making them lots of cash. A house with an electric estate gate and a fence fails that first, all-important criteria, making your belongings more secure. It also gives the illusion that you might have a stronger security system that they can’t see (which you might not have, but they don’t know that).

Looking Great

And along with the fact that your house looks like it has a stronger security system, it seems stronger and more fancy in general. Having an electric estate gate gives off a nice, luxurious feel. I’m sure you’ve driven through the fancy part of town at least once and seeing their electric estate gate, thought to yourself – oh, that looks nice! While the purpose of an electric estate gate isn’t necessarily aesthetic, it is a very nice bonus for the homeowner (and everyone living nearby because a pretty yard elevates the neighborhood). Getting an electric estate gate might actually help you get that ‘Best Yard of the Month/Year’ award you’ve been gunning for. After all, having an electric estate gate is the equivalent of raising your pinky when drinking tea – it just makes everything feel much fancier and nicer, even at a low cost. An air of sophistication, if you will.

Boosting Home Value

The final, and most important benefit (at least to most people) is home value. Having an electric estate gate has the potential to increase the value of your property by five percent. That might not seem like much to the casual observer, but to someone building a house or buying a house, home and property value is everything. It also brings the price of the houses nearby up, which means you’ll be benefiting your neighbors as well. And these suckers don’t come down easily, meaning you’ll get to enjoy the benefits for many years as long as you keep up-to-date on maintenance.

And even though they don’t seem like much, we like the little benefits, as well. Such as not having to get out of your car to open the gate in the rain (which results in you getting soaked), not having to answer the door to solicitors or door-to-door salesmen, etc. I think our personal favorite is being able to open your gate at the touch of a button. No getting out and worrying someone is going to make off with your groceries or break into your car – everything’s safe with a small, remote control. When friends come, you don’t have to go open the gate for them. Just press the button and let them in. And they’ll appreciate the extra safety for their cars, too.

Give us a call! We’re happy to give you a personalized quote, and we look forward to seeing how beautiful an electric estate gate will look on your property!

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