White Oak Recreation Center Gets New Fencing

Pool Side Ornamental Iron Diplomat Fence

The new 33,000 square foot recreation center in Silver Spring, MD includes exercise and fitness amenities, community rooms, a senior center, an arts and crafts studio, a skateboard park, and Montgomery County Recreation’s first rock climbing wall. Long® Fence tied it all together with ornamental iron fencing around playgrounds and walkways, black chain link around the skate park and specialty louvered fence to enclose utilities. The center is located at 1700 April Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland and opened on June 23, 2011.

As a trusted name in fencing solutions, Long® Fence has expertly installed a variety of fencing types to meet the diverse needs of the recreation center. The playgrounds and walkways are now adorned with ornamental iron fencing, combining both beauty and security to create a welcoming environment for families. The skate park is encompassed by sturdy black chain link fencing, ensuring a safe space for skaters to enjoy. Additionally, Long® Fence has installed specialty louvered fencing to discreetly enclose utility areas, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the facility while prioritizing functionality.

The new recreation center is a hub for health and wellness, featuring exercise and fitness facilities, community rooms, and a dedicated senior center. Art enthusiasts and creative minds can explore their passions in the arts and crafts studio. Furthermore, the center boasts Montgomery County Recreation’s first-ever rock climbing wall, a cutting-edge addition that promises adventure and excitement for climbing enthusiasts.

Long® Fence is honored to contribute to such a significant project that not only enhances the recreational offerings in Silver Spring but also prioritizes safety and aesthetic value. Our commitment to providing high-quality, durable fencing solutions ensures that community spaces like this can be enjoyed securely and comfortably by everyone.

The recreation center’s multifaceted facilities, secured by Long® Fence’s superior fencing, are a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence in both product and service. Long® Fence continues to stand as a leader in the industry, committed to enhancing community spaces across Maryland and beyond.

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