Why Would I Build a PVC Fence?

Tan and White Vinyl Privacy Fence

There are so many different options and factors to consider when choosing what type of fence you want to install in your yard. Long Fence offers residential and commercial fencing services, including wood, vinyl, iron, aluminum, and chain link fences. One of our most popular fencing options is a PVC fence, which is made of vinyl and has a variety of interesting benefits. Our customers love the PVC fences we have built for them, and we think that you will too once you learn a bit more about the reasons why so many people choose to build them. So why would you buy a PVC Fence?

  • They’re durable
  • They’re safe
  • They’re low-maintenance
  • They’re easy to repair
  • They look great
  • And more…

If you are looking for a stable and durable fence that is also budget-friendly and looks great, then a vinyl fence just might be your best option. Durability, safety, maintenance, ease to repair, visual appeal, cost, and environmental impact are just some of the factors that lead people to choosing to install a PVC fence rather than one of our other options.


One of the most frequent reasons why people choose to install PVC fences is that they are extremely durable. They are flexible, strong, and secure, which allows them to maintain their function and use for longer. Unlike other fences like wood and chain link fences, PVC fences rarely break down and are resistant to rusting and decay. They can easily deal with most weather conditions, including rain, humidity, and bright sunshine, without needing extra help or repairs. The vinyl material that PVC fences are made of includes impact modifiers so that it is more flexible than other fence materials. Even if you ride a bike into it or an animal tries to get through, they will most likely hold the same shape and not have any damage. Overall, the durability of PVC fences allows owners the predictability of having a secure fence with minimal issues to worry about.


The durability and strength of PVC fences helps increase its ability to protect you and your family, as it keeps people and animals who belong there inside while keeping out unwanted intruders and pests. Dogs and other pets often scratch or chew wood fences, eventually creating holes that they can get through. You do not need to worry about this with a PVC fence, as the material is so strong and able to stay up throughout almost any issue. PVC fences can also be made as tall as you want and have no footholds, so there is no need to worry about intruders climbing them and entering onto your property. PVC fences will always be able to keep your family as secure as possible, so they are one of the safest fencing options.


In addition to infrequent issues with the durability of PVC fences, these structures are also very low-maintenance. Typically, the cleaning of a PVC fence can be done by just spraying it down with a garden hose. If there is something stuck to it, you can easily scrub and clean it with some basic cleaning materials you already have in your home. PVC fences never need to be treated or repainted because they are manufactured and synthetic. You will not need to worry about complicated restoration or cleaning projects like you may need to take on with a wood or chain link fence. The low-maintenance aspect of PVC fences allows you to save time and money in the long run.

Ease to Repair

Even if something unusual happens and a PVC fence does break apart in some way, there is no need to worry because they are extremely easy to fix. You can fix or replace the one broken part without needing to purchase and install an entirely new fence. Rather than needing to repair or replace the entire fence every few years like you may need to do if you choose a different material, PVC fences allow you the ability to sit back and relax without worrying about the hassle of dealing with complicated repairs.

Visual Appeal

Another common reason why so many people choose to build PVC fences rather than other options is that PVC fences look great. The visual appeal of PVC fences is flexible and customizable so that you can choose exactly how you want it to look based on what style you prefer. There are many different color and style options so that it will look great with your home and landscaping designs. PVC fences still look nice like wood fences but are much easier to maintain and repair, so they are one of the smartest and most visually appealing long-term options. You can customize PVC fences to look exactly how you want without sacrificing their function.


While at first glance the price of a PVC fence seems higher than many of our other fencing options, this cost is actually very reasonable and a great investment in the long run. Because there are so few maintenance and repair costs associated with PVC fences, you will save so much money over the years that makes this a great investment even when they are more expensive up front. Additionally, a strong and durable fence will increase the value of your home and property, so the money you put in now will pay back when you choose to sell your house.

Environmental Impact

Because PVC fences are so easy to maintain and care for, this helps limit any negative environmental impacts that some fences’ cleaning materials cause. There is no need to stain or paint a PVC fence, so you do not need to purchase or use any chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. These chemicals can also be hazardous and dangerous to keep around your children. Other fences with more frequent upkeep often require these materials, but with a PVC fence, you will never need to worry about the fumes and waste. You can keep your family and the environment safe by staying away from these materials.

Typical Fence Benefits

There are also a number of benefits that all fences add to a home, and choosing a PVC fence only supplements these advantages. Firstly, fences give a home privacy so that the yard is its own oasis separate from the rest of the neighborhood. Once a fence is installed, you can feel comfortable in your yard knowing that nobody else can see or come in. You can even take blinds and curtains off of windows inside, since the only people who will be able to see in from your yard are your own family members. PVC fences in particular help with privacy because they can be made gapless and therefore keep the property totally private so that nobody can see or get in.

Fences also provide a barrier that keeps people and animals in or out of the space. No dogs or children will be able to get out and run into the street, and no wildlife or intruders will be able to enter the space. As discussed earlier, because of their impressive durability and resilience, PVC fences are very difficult to climb or get through. You can even design the fence to be as high up as you want in order to provide a stronger, taller barrier.

Finally, fences help define your yard and supplement your overall landscaping design. You have more usable space when a fence clearly divides it, and you are able to use the space however you want because of the increased privacy. With a PVC fence in particular, you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor living room without worrying about the repairs, damages, or maintenance projects that come with some other fencing materials. Everyone sees the benefit of a fence, and it will even add value to your home when you look to sell it. Buying a PVC fence in particular is a perfect way to add to your home and yard because of its aesthetic appeal.

There are clearly quite a few different benefits of installing a PVC fence in your yard, so it is no surprise that our customers often choose this option when purchasing a fence. Even once this choice has been made, there are also different specific options. These options include picket PVC fences, privacy PVC fences, crossbuck estate PVC fences, and Chesterfield PVC fences. There are also different customizable aspects within each option, including color, size, height, and more. Whatever you are looking for in a fence, you can design your perfect PVC fence that will meet your family’s wants and needs.

No matter what type of fence you decide is best for your situation, Long Fence is here to help you get started with your next project. Buying and installing a fence is a great investment for your property, and many of our customers agree that their vinyl PVC fence has exceeded their goals and expectations. Give us a call today for more information about our services and the benefits of each of our fencing options. We look forward to working with you and adding to the value and function of your property!