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Chain Link Fence

A strong, durable chain link fence is a traditional solution to affordable security.

A Chain Link Fence Works for Decades

An aluminized steel chain link fence will define your property and keep children and pets safe for years.

Difficult conditions, like an intense winter or seemingly-never-ending spate of rain, will not hamper our chain link fences. They are weather resistant because of their unique properties. Aluminized steel and our galvanized steel frameworks with acrylic coatings protect the metal cores long after years of contact with rain and snow. These are “self-healing” coatings.

If you prefer a more utilitarian option, vinyl-coated fences are durable alternatives that leave you more room in your budget and more options for colors.

Secure Your Property with a Chain Link Fence

The nearly transparent nature of a chain link fence provides lots of visibility, which can be key to property protection. Intruders don’t want to be seen doing practicing their trade. A chain link perimeter fence gives you the boundary definition of a fence while keeping sight lines open.

Aside from intruders, a chain link fence can deter children, feral animals and solicitors wandering through. It also keeps your children and pets safe in your backyard, so you know they won’t wander off.

Customize Your Chain Link Fence

Long® Fence chain link fences come in a variety of styles and heights and can be installed quickly by our expert crews. The Exclusive Long® Fence All Color System™ offers vinyl coating in green, black or brown, so you’re sure to have a color that matches you landscaping or home.

Vinyl slats in a variety of colors can be added for a level of privacy or to enhance the look of the fence.

Save Money with Chain Link

One of the most budget-friendly fencing options, chain link fencing will give you a classic look. Because a chain link fence will last for years, maybe even the life of your home, you’ll time with minimal to no maintenance and money by not having to replace the fence repeatedly.

Financing available from licensed lenders for qualified buyers.