Installing A Chain link Fence is the Economical Choice

Galvanized Chain Link Fence In the Lawn

As a business owner or homeowner, you have plenty of issues that can keep you awake at night. Controlling access to your property doesn’t need to be one of them. You can guard the perimeter of your property economically by installing a chain link fence with secured access points. Let’s look at the benefits of installing a chain link fence on your property:

Installing a Chain link Fence Provides Security

First and foremost on your mind, is security. Installing a chain link fence keeps out the bad guys, except the most determined. Unless you own a business that deals in fine jewels or lots of hard currency, you probably don’t have too many of those targeting your business.

A chain link fence can be built to heights up to 20 feet to discourage anyone from entering your property. If you’re a homeowner, you want to make your home look as difficult as possible to break into, so that potential criminals move on to easier targets.

Installing a chain link fence also can keep out wildlife, such as deer or foxes, that could damage your property.

Chain link also provides a strong barrier against vehicles accidentally driving through, which could be a concern if you are located on a busy highway or street.

If security is a major concern, we can work with stronger-gauge steel and add tactical obstacles and entanglements to prevent climbing fences. Smaller mesh sizes also are available to decrease penetration and increase security.

Installing a Chain Link Fence is Economical

A chain link fence is your most economical option when it comes to perimeter fencing. The average cost of chain link fencing in the metro D.C. area is $16 to $28 per linear foot installed but can vary by materials, gates, environment, etc.

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Installing a Chain Link Fence Comes with Options

Many options are available for your chainlink fence that can make it look more attractive and suitable for your property. The four types of chain link fence you can select from are:

  • Galvanized: Wire fabricated from steel is coated with zinc, making a durable finish. This type of chain link fence is commonly used by federal and local governments and has many commercial uses.
  • Aluminized: This chain features a steel core coated with aluminum to provide rust and corrosion resistance. Considered self-healing, this fencing will last a long time without losing its aesthetics.
  • All Color System: The vinyl-coated fence and framework are widely popular for commercial use because of their color appeal and durability. The fencing comes in green, black and brown, but custom colors are available.
  • Vinyl-Coated Fence on Galvanized Frame: The popular black, green and brown vinyl coated fence can be used with galvanized framing as a more economical option. The fence retains its corrosion resistance and durability.

Installing a Chain Link Fence Gives Privacy

Maybe you want to keep eyeballs off your business or home. You can add color-matching slats to a chain link fence. They give that extra layer of privacy without the additional cost of a wooden or vinyl privacy fence.

Installing a Chain Link Fence is Durable

A chain link fence is typically made from galvanized steel, giving it the ability to hold up well for many years. It can also be coated for extra protection against rain and sun exposure.

Often referred to as a “hurricane fence,” a chain link fence is durable and strong enough to stand up better to gale-force winds. It’s also an affordable option for businesses and families alike.

Chain link fencing gets its stability from steel posts that are cemented into the ground, providing a solid foundation for the woven interlocking galvanized steel fencing.

Installing a Chain Link Fence is Easy to Repair

Sometimes a chain link fence sustains damage from vandalism or accidents. If that happens, sections can easily be matched and repaired with new material. It’s a simple solution, and you won’t need to replace the whole fence.

Installing a Chain Link Fence is Easy to Maintain

Once installed, a chain link fence requires very little maintenance. It also doesn’t require painting. Simply hose it off on occasion to keep it looking shiny and new.

Installing a Chain Link Fence Has Numerous Gate Options

You have a wide variety of options available for gates for your chain link fence. Whether you need simple swing gates, cantilevered slide gates or pedestrian walk gates, our designers can work with you to get the perfect solution for your gating needs. We can review access points, security needs and more to find the most economical solution that will fit your business’ needs. Automated gate options also are available to ensure security. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Alterations can dress up a chain link fence

You can incorporate some simple DIY steps to spruce up a chainlink fence. Here are a few chain link fence alterations that might fit your property well:

Cups. Maybe for the college bar, alternative boutique or even daycare, cups can create fun and wacky designs. The well-known “Solo cup” slides perfectly into the diamond shapes that the chain link fence makes. You can add even more pizzazz by getting a variety of cup colors.

Vines. This is a really easy way to cover your chain link fence, and if you’re not sure if vines are what you want, you can try out annual vines that will only cover the fence for part of the year. Some annual vines include Black-Eye Susan Vine, Cardinal Climber, Cup-and-Saucer Vine, Cypress Vine, Morning Glories and Hyacinth Bean Vine. If you want a more long-term solution, perennial vines will only bloom for part of the year, but they will live throughout and bloom year after year. These include Boston Ivy, Clematis, Dutchman’s Pipe, English Ivy, Five Leaf Akebia, Passionflowers, Trumpet Creeper and Virginia Creeper.

Artisanal wiring. This is another unique approach, and it does require a moderately crafty individual — if you were good in art class, you’ll be just fine here. All you do is take wire, thinner than the wire on a hanger, and use the chain link fence as your canvas. Wrap the wire through the links in any sort of pattern you like. There are plenty of examples on the internet or, if you’re creative, create your own pattern. Artisanal wiring can be a great look for a modern home, an art gallery, a tattoo parlor or pretty much any other creative setting.

Wood slats. You can go in so many directions with this. You can do everything from placing screens of wood across the fence to building an entire picket fence around the chain link fence. You can also choose from a variety of materials, like bamboo, reed, or different woods. The slats can be thick and horizontal, thin and diagonal or a mixture of thicknesses and vertical.

Vinyl or mesh covering. A green mesh covering can be excellent for a golf course or other sports field. Vinyl and canvas coverings can be any pattern, color or design. They are not difficult to make yourself or special order from a professional. A candy strip canvas might look nice around an ice cream parlor, barber shop or candy store. These are also a great option for homes and other properties near the ocean.

Trellises. Trellises are a good idea for those who want to have a garden. You can use the chain link fence to support the trellis and grow various plants on and around it. Tall trellises can create a lovely garden environment with vines creeping all the way up. You can also have trellises of varying heights to create a more interesting experience for the eye and brain.

Installing a Chain link Fence Secures Pets, Kids

Lots of people choose chain link fencing for dog kennels and runs, to fence in all or a portion of a backyard to keep dogs safe, and even to separate large dogs from smaller ones in professional kennel settings.

Keeping young children safe and away from a busy street is another use for a chain link fence, which is why it’s so often used around schools, playgrounds and community pools.

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