A Review of 3 Popular Chain Link Fence Styles

Commercial Black Coated Chain Link

Consumers often view chain link as the simplest type of fencing available to consumers. In reality, the variety of options available make a chain link fence an attractive choice to budget-minded consumers in search of a customizable fence. The most important choice to make is the type of wire that you would like for your chain link fence. Below is a look at the most popular chain link fence styles, along with the advantages of each option.

Aluminumized Chain Link Fence Styles

Aluminumized chain link fence is a popular choice among homeowners in search of a strong, low-maintenance option that will last for years. Key advantages to aluminum wire chain link fences are outlined below.

1) Durability. Aluminumized chain link resists rust and oxidation. Many aluminum fences will last over two decades because they are so resistant to corrosion.

2) Ease of maintenance. Aluminum chain link fences are often chosen because their durability eliminates the need to paint them regularly. They also don’t blister or flake, with a smooth mesh.

3) Appearance. Aluminum fences look presentable in large part because they are so resistant to rust and oxidation.

Galvanized Zinc-coated Chain Link Fence Styles

Zinc-coated chain link fence styles are most common in residential areas and a good option for consumers who value affordability. The expected life is lower than that of aluminum or stainless steel fences, but zinc-coated fences offer a respectable level of protection from the elements. Also called galvanized fences, zinc-coated chain link fences offer the following key advantages:

1) Ease of Installation. Of the three main types of chain link fences, zinc-coated fences are the easiest and fastest to install. Some homeowners can install zinc-coated fences without the assistance of a trained professional.

2) Customizability. Zinc-coated chain link fences are available in a variety of special color options for buyers. Popular color choices include green, brown, tan and black.

3) Resistance to Moisture. This advantage enables zinc-coated fences to withstand humid climates and regions that receive a lot of rainfall.

Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence Styles

Stainless steel wire is often chosen by homeowners and business owners in search of a fence style with the highest degree of durability. While they are usually more costly than other styles, stainless steel chain link fence styles are highly resistant to alkali, making them a favorite among buyers who value longevity in a fence. Below are the top 3 advantages of stainless wire chain link fences:

1) Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions: Stainless steel is known for its ability to endure the harshest weather conditions, including storms, hail, and ongoing humidity.

2) Sturdiness: Stainless fences maintain their shape well. They are less likely to break or sag when compared to fences constructed of other wire types.

3) Ideal for high performance demands: Stainless steel ideal for situations that require a higher grade material. Examples include fences that surround busy highways and airports.

Before You Move Forward with a Chain Link Fence Provider

Just as there is immense variety in chain link fencing options, there is a great deal of difference between chain link fence providers. With new fencing providers emerging each day, you should make sure that you thoroughly review your options before finalizing your purchase. In particular, you should take the following steps to help ensure that you receive a high-quality fence from a reputable provider:

  • Carefully evaluate at least three fencing providers in your area
  • Choose a company with decades of industry experience
  • Request several references and contact each of them
  • Ensure that you receive an itemized written quote
  • Make sure that your quote specifies the warranty that you will receive

Please contact us to learn more about the variety of chain link fencing options available to you. Our fence company has provided high quality chain link fences to businesses and homeowners since 1945. We look forward to hearing from you!

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