A Driveway Fence Gate Adds Curb Appeal

Concrete Driveway Iron Gate

If you’re looking for a simple improvement that will increase the value of your home, a driveway fence gate is a perfect solution. Complete a residential fence with the classic style and privacy of a driveway gate and give your home a glamorous upgrade. Add easy curb appeal with an enclosed, private yard and a stunning entrance.

Need help choosing the gate that’s right for you? Follow our easy guide to choosing the perfect fence gate for your home.

Metal Double Swing Driveway Fence Gate

For the most aesthetic look, a metal double swing gate is ideal.

Get that movie-star appeal with this classic style. An iron or aluminum fence gate with our exclusive, oven-baked powder coating looks like it comes from an English estate.

Metal gates come in a variety of styles. You can personalize it with an arch, unique fence posts, or designs between each post. The double swing gate is an excellent choice for any size property and starts in 10-foot widths. For maximum impact, use an automated opener for your double swing entrance. Customize the look with stone or brick pillars to frame your driveway. Our driveway fence gates are always made with posts that accommodate the weight and size of the materials, so you’ll always get top quality craftsmanship.

Metal Sliding Driveway Fence Gate

If you have limited space or want a more streamlined look, a sliding gate is right for you. These driveway fence gates come in double width or single width and look great in almost any type of driveway.

Whether you’re keeping a country estate private or want to minimize neighborhood traffic, a metal sliding gate is a choice that won’t take up too much room. Maximize your space with one of these efficient and beautiful entrances.

Choose from iron or aluminum fencing and a wide selection of ornamental and decorative designs to customize your look. Long Fence will ensure the driveway fence gate meets your specifications. Whether you want it to match a new or existing fence or fit perfectly with a brick or stone wall, a metal sliding driveway fence gate is a great way to upgrade your property.

Wood Driveway Fence Gate

For a more value-oriented option, a wood driveway fence gate is an excellent choice. If complete privacy is your goal, wood is a great material. It also makes a beautiful addition to an existing wood fence.

The wood driveway gates from Long Fence use high-quality posts and metal backing for a gate that stands up to years of use. Choose an automatic or manual opening, depending on your needs. Wood fences come with double swing and slide mechanisms, just like metal gates. Match the stain of a wood driveway fence gate to a new or existing fence for a seamless transition.

We treat our wood products so they will stand up to years of use. Our wood treatments resist damage from mold, rot, and insects. With 70 years of experience in the industry, Long Fence can help you choose the perfect wood driveway fence gate to coordinate with your fence.

Whatever type of entrance you envision for your home, the experts at Long Fence are always ready to help you select the perfect product. Whether you’re hoping to increase the value of your property or just gain a little privacy from a busy neighborhood, Long Fence will exceed expectations.

Let us help you choose an incredible entrance to give your home a great style. From traditional to modern designs, our wide selection of metal and wood gates has something for everyone. Tell our experts about how you plan to use the entrance, and they will recommend the best type of driveway fence gate for your property. To learn more about giving your home incredible style with a driveway fence gate, contact us today!

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