Consider a Dumpster Enclosure

Wood Utility Enclosure with Swing Gate

Whether you are running a retail or commercial business, managing a municipal or private property, multi-family residential building, or a school, you almost certainly require a dumpster for your property or site. Because of the nature of their job, dumpsters are unsightly, attract unwelcome four-legged creatures, and can pose a danger to human safety. Additionally, wind and weathering can turn your unprotected dumpster site into a mess. A dumpster enclosure can help prevent all of these things and prevent other people from adding trash to the garbage service you pay for. Some cities even require dumpster enclosures for certain businesses! It’s one of the most common commercial fences.

There are multiple different types of dumpster enclosure materials, structures, and designs. Wood offers a choice that is inexpensive and easy to repair. Vinyl is very visually appealing and requires no maintenance! A chain-link enclosure with slats is affordable and easy to install. Metal gives a professional look with very little maintenance, and concrete is ultra long-lasting and requires no maintenance! No matter the material you use, dumpster enclosures have many benefits.

A Dumpster Enclosure is Cost-Effective

It is already expensive to rent a dumpster itself and/or pay for the service of garbage pick up, but if people are adding their trash and potentially large unwanted belongings into your dumpster, that means there is a high chance you might need to pay extra for overflow garbage pick up. If you have a dumpster, your business or property likely produces enough waste to need the entirety of the space in your dumpster. Other people using it as their own trash service could end up costing you extra money.

A Dumpster Enclosure Looks Clean and Professional

Dumpster enclosures turn an unsightly, deterrent, but necessary part of your business or property into something nice and aesthetically pleasing or even just unapparent. You get to decide what look and what purpose you want your dumpster enclosure to serve. You can design the dumpster enclosure to match the overall theme and look of the other building(s) on site, or simply just eliminate the sight of a garbage area. Either way, the area will look cleaner, more sanitary, and can even help with property values or business. People do not want to look at a dumpster, and looks matter if you are trying to get business. A dumpster enclosure will help your space look more professional and put together, as well as allow you to keep a dumpster in highly trafficked areas without it being exposed for people to add to or take from and without attracting attention to it.

A Dumpster Enclosure Promotes Safety

A dumpster enclosure lowers the risk of someone getting injured from your dumpster. Whether it is kids climbing on the dumpster, throwing each other in (yes, these things still do happen), or adults going dumpster diving looking for salvageable items in your trash, dumpsters can cause injuries, especially if you are disposing of hazardous materials like glass or sharp metal. Additionally, dumpster enclosures prevent other people from placing hazardous materials into your dumpster that you might not be aware of when taking out your own trash and could potentially injure you. If other people are disposing of their trash in your dumpster, you have no way of knowing of what contents are in your dumpster and that can pose a risk of starting a fire. People often do not know about or have access to proper chemical disposal services and a big, easy to access dumpster that is not their responsibility, is an easy way for someone to get rid of leftover chemicals and hazardous waste. This leads into the importance of being able to regulate your garbage and garbage disposal procedures.

Managing Your Own Garbage Procedures

Dumpster enclosures allow you to regulate what goes in and out of your dumpster as well as how. With a dumpster enclosure, you can adopt any protocol you want for your employees or residents. If you have one at a restaurant, you can use the fact that a dumpster enclosure physically separates and designates a specific location for waste to help train your employees on proper sanitation practices related to handling waste. If you are running a business and your dumpster is in an enclosed area, a dumpster enclosure allows you to not worry about closing and locking your dumpster during business hours should you or other staff be going in and out of it often throughout the shift. For people in a residential complex, a dumpster enclosure indicates where the waste receptacles are and, depending on the set up of your enclosure, prevents residents or waste removal services from moving your receptacles around. Having a dumpster enclosure also gives you the chance to adopt whatever cleaning routines surrounding your disposal site you want. Dumpster enclosures allow you to manage your garbage area however you would like. With a dumpster enclosure, you can spray down your entire dumpster and garbage area, or have a policy about cleanliness in the enclosed area surrounding your dumpster. Debris piling up around your dumpster presents the opportunity for a fire to more easily ignite, as well as attract vermin. If you have a vermin issue at your dumpster, a dumpster enclosure allows you to adopt and maintain whatever procedures to manage it. That could be keeping the dumpster closed, the area clean, preventing trash from gathering in the area, any policies on food or loose trash, you name it. When you have a dumpster enclosure, not just anyone can come through and leave the dumpster lid open or tear through your closed bags of trash – all things that can attract animals

Dumpster Enclosures Hinder Animals

Dumpster enclosures hinder animals. If you have not experienced it yourself, you have seen the result of an animal getting into someone’s trash; it is a mess! Depending on your geographic location, the animals that might be attracted to your dumpster will be different. There could be a range from dogs and racoons, to bears, deer, and coyotes. These animals going through your dumpster pose a threat to you, but it poses a huge threat to them as well. Animals are not built to be able to eat our trash, it can either be our food that is toxic to them or the items that are not food at all that they will ingest. For your safety and for theirs, it is best that animals do not go through your trash. Dumpster enclosures help protect you from the animals and the animals from your garbage!

If you are considering getting a dumpster enclosure for your property, contact us to get a free estimate! We are excited to work with you to find the right dumpster enclosure for you and your specific needs. We are always here to help and happy to hear from you!

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