Dog Fences To Discourage Roaming Pooches

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Residential fences can help keep your dog from escaping your yard, but not all fences meet the specific criteria needed to reduce the risk.  While you might have a tall residential fence, don’t think it’s a guarantee that your dog won’t jump over it. Determined dogs can shimmy up, and jump over a 6-foot fence, but with the help of your local fence company, you can keep Fido safe and sound in his own backyard with a dog fence.

Dog Fence Safety

Fences should be high and secure enough so that your dog is unable to jump over it. Covering the inside of your fence with plywood or another other smooth surface can help eliminate the traction that your dog needs in order to get to the other side of the fence.

Your dog can squeeze through gaps in your fence, so ask your fencing professional to secure the gaps on the fence’s surface as well as gaps underneath the fence. For extra security, padlock your gates. Believe it or not, a crafty dog can open a gate, so if you have kids who forget to close the gate, your fencing contractor can install an automatic closing system.

If your dog can see through your fence, he may get excited at what he see, causing him to escape. To reduce this risk, try blocking the outside view so that he doesn’t get a hankering to see what’s on the other side of the fence.

Curbing Behaviors

Dogs jump over fences for various reasons. Working with your vet can help determine what triggers your dog’s escape tendencies. Once a cause is determined, proper treatments and training can help diminish the behaviors.

Separation Anxiety

If you leave your dog alone in the backyard, he may experience separation anxiety and try to jump over the fence. Dogs are social animals and want to be part of the family. When you leave your dog to his own devices for long periods of time, he may get lonely and nervous. When your dog is outside, bring him in promptly if he cries, barks, whimpers or howls, so he knows that you care about him and his well-being.


Dogs who haven’t been spayed or neutered have roaming tendencies and will try to escape in order to find themselves a mate. To avoid roaming behavior, get your male dog neutered, and your female dog spayed. If your female dog hasn’t been spayed yet, keep her in the house when she’s in heat.

If your dog escapes, you’ll never know if he’s the type to run away to further explore his neighborhood, or if he will simply find his way to the front porch and wait for you to find him. It’s because of this, that you need to work with your fence contractor and your vet to ensure that he stays safe and sound in his own backyard. To learn how we can help you choose the safest dog fence, contact us anytime.

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