Four Important Fence Accessories

Residential Chain Link Fabric Coated Frame

Regardless of the purpose of your fence or the type of material you select, it is important to choose the best products in order to ensure a stable, long-lasting fence. As the best fence company in the nation, we’re here to help.

Four of the most important fencing components to help achieve longevity are the posts, gates, tension bands and ties and paint or stain, should your fence require staining.

Posts/Stakes – The posts or stakes are one of the most important components of any type of fence. The posts are what hold the fence together and give it overall strength. For a wood fence, pressure treated posts will extend the life of a fence considerably. For metal fences, heavy-duty galvanized steel posts are the best.

Gates – Your fence will require an appropriate gate. The gate is one of the key fencing products that ensures your fenced in area remains secure. When selecting a gate, look for a gate that is well constructed and offers at least two support bars running across the gate horizontally. No matter if the gate is made of wood, metal or other type of material, be sure that it is not flimsy and can hold your weight when leaning against it.

Tension Bands and Ties – A chain link fence requires tension bands to keep the fence attached firmly to the frame of the fence. It is important that these bands be made of high-grade galvanized steel so that they do not break or rust. Ties, which are used to attach the fabric to the rails, should also be made of galvanized steel to ensure they stay put and do not snap, break or rust when the weather turns wet.

Fence Paint/Stain – If you have a wood fence, you may need to paint or stain the fence each year or at least every few years. This coating is an important step to maintain the weathering capabilities of your fence so choose high quality paint or stain that is guaranteed not to peel or fade in the sun.