Green Chain Link Fence: Security and Style

Coated Fabric Frame and Chain Link Fence

Purchasing a fence for your property is more serious endeavor than most property owners imagine. But the benefits of fencing are well worth the time, effort and expense. One of the decisions you’ll face is the type of fencing you prefer.

If it seems like your budget hovers around green chain link fencing, but you prefer the appearance and security of the privacy fences that linger just outside of your price range, contact us to see how far green chain link fencing has come in appearance and strength in the industry.


  • Green chain link fences now have many of the same or similar options you would normally find when designing a privacy fence.
  • Various decorative toppers can be placed on every post for a more attractive look. This adds to the overall image of your entire property.
  • Slide-in panels can be installed within the fencing links to create any look, pattern or solid color, often matching a home’s paint, trim, siding or other exterior theme.
  • Chain link now comes in more than one size and shape. Let us show you how different each one can be.

Strength & Security

  • Green chain link fencing has actually always been a strong choice in home containment. Metal versus wood is unaffected by weather and time.
  • Posts set in concrete are very similar in strength and construction for wood, vinyl and chain link fencing.
  • The optional panels described above provide privacy and wind and sound defense in your yard or area. While they are not 100% solid, the common passer-by would not be able to see beyond your fence.

Consider the characteristics that green chain link fencing offers that other fencing does not. If your privacy concerns are minimal, chain link is the only way to enclose an area without interfering with the view. Chain link fencing is the easiest to install or have installed and of course more economical. Green chain link fencing is the least intrusive to your yard, property and landscaping.

When deciding what type of fence you require or just want, there’s always that initial need that sent you shopping for a fence. Maybe you’re enclosing animals or children. Perhaps you have a pesky neighbor or you’re keeping stray animals and individuals out. Some people just like a fence. It makes the property seem finished and identifies property lines. Whatever the initial reason, remember all of the reasons that may come up in the future and include those possibilities in your decision as to which type of fencing will work in the long-term.

Any type of fencing is an investment and adds value to the home and property. Whether you are shopping for your own home, a business or an investment property, chain-link is the most versatile for any use. Whether appealing to a renter or a buyer, or just considering your property value years down the line, chain link is the best value. A more expensive fence will likely not transfer to home value or income potential.

Buying a fence is just like anything else that we consider a big investment and therefore take a little more time in deciding. Do your research. Talk to friends and family about the type of fencing they have and what they like about it or what they wish was different. When you see fencing out in the community, stop and take pictures of what you like. When you come to us to discuss options, we can explain all the pros and cons for every kind of fence you might have considered. Most importantly, know that your fence will be with you for a long time and, as the best fence contractor in the U.S., we understand the need to get it right.

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