Our Iron Fence Designs are the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Ornamental Iron Regency Railing

Little compares in beauty to a well designed iron fence finished off with European old style detailing. Whether you just have a tree to protect, a hand or stair rail need, or an entire front yard to be enclosed, with custom iron fence designs you create a thing of long term beauty and functionality that will protect your property for decades.

And one of the oldest most established and respected fence companies of its kind is the well known Long Fence company, started in 1945 by founder Henry Long. Highly recognized throughout the nation, Long Fence is one of the largest fence contractors in America and is committed to excellence in custom design, construction, warranty, and to the maintenance of each project contracted.

Our window guards and security doors are detailed with precision to meet every aspect of your home. If you want color we can do that too. Our ironworks are coated in a polyester powder; in black, white, or any custom color you choose providing a high quality durable finish.

Our custom decorative ironwork and railings are available in iron fence designs such as:

  • security doors
  • iron window guards
  • iron safety rails
  • iron handrails
  • traditional fencing

Architectural elements can also be added to our iron fence designs providing detail and flair, distinction and personality, such as;

  • scrolls
  • circles
  • finials
  • emblems

Iron fence designs provide an aesthetic solution to guarding and protecting property beautifully with unmatched quality. If you have a need for professional top notch attention to detail and workmanship in fencing, contact us today.