Plan Your Privacy Fence Installation as a Winter Project

Tan and White Vinyl Privacy Fence

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to turn, your thoughts are likely turning to the fall maintenance needs around your home and yard. Maybe you’re thinking ahead to the spring and planning your budget around what major projects you can commit to saving for.

If one of those projects you have on your spring radar is a privacy fence installation, maybe you want to reconsider your timing. While you don’t think much about your outdoor projects during the winter (except figuring out when you can get the holiday decorations taken down), a privacy fence installation during the winter months can work to your advantage.

Here are 4 reasons to consider scheduling your privacy fence installation during the winter:

Best Time to Save Money on a Privacy Fence Installation

Winter tends to be a slower time of year for fencing construction companies, so you often can get a discount for scheduling a project in the winter. The savings also could come in the form of an upgrade in your product for the same price.

If you sit down with our professional planners this fall to outline your winter project, we can determine where you can save money on one portion of the project and upgrade another portion. For the same dollars, you could get a custom-looking fence rather than a standard privacy fence.

Your Privacy Fence Installation Timeline Is Shortened

If you are willing to schedule a winter fencing project, you won’t get stuck on a long waiting list as you might in the springtime. Your project can be scheduled for a time that works best for your family, and the work will be done more quickly as our team can commit more workers as we aren’t spread as thin as when we have multiple projects going in the spring.

Also, if you’re considering other landscaping or outdoor projects for the winter, such as a swimming pool or pond installation, it’s easier for us to coordinate the schedule with your other contractor(s) to ensure we reduce the disruption to your life.

While winter snows can delay a construction project, cold weather won’t slow us down nearly as much as spring rains could.

Privacy Fence Installation is Easier on Your Landscape

As your lawn and garden go dormant for the winter, it’s an ideal time to work a construction project around your plants’ lives. If you have bushes or roses near the site of the fence, they can be trimmed back during their dormancy without causing damage, as might occur if they need to be trimmed in the spring when they are sprouting new growth.

Your grass and other perennials also will be dormant during this time, meaning workers’ footsteps and equipment will cause less damage. And for those plants that do need to be relocated, they will get an earlier start at their new growth in the springtime, rather than trying to re-establish themselves during the brutal heat of summer.

You Will Have Your Yard Back for Spring

The best reason to get your privacy fence installation tackled during the winter is that you will have the privacy of your yard all to yourself when warmer spring temperatures lure you back outdoors. After the short, cold days of winter, you’ll be eager to get outside to enjoy your yard and garden, and you won’t have to put up with a construction project when you do so.

Now that you understand the benefits of scheduling your privacy fence installation for the winter, contact us today to begin the planning process so our professional fence designers can plan your privacy fence project and we can work out a timeline that meets your winter schedule. You’ll be assured of having your privacy back by spring so you can fully enjoy your outdoor experience.

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