Residential Wood Fence Maintenance for Maximum Longevity

Lawn Board on Board Wood Fence

Whether you already have a wood fence from a previous homeowner, or you installed one on your own, residential wood fence maintenance is the most financially-sound decision to avoid excessive spending on replacement fencing in the future. Replacing your wood fence might seem like an easy route to take, but you are much better off maintaining your existing one to maximize its longevity and appearance.

Rent or Purchase a Pressure Washer for Residential Wood Fence Maintenance

A pressure washer is by-far the best way to clean your wood fence. Residential wood fence maintenance becomes easy when you rent or purchase a pressure washer. Chemicals can be too harsh and cause more problems to your wood fence, so sticking with natural cleaners is the best solution. It is important to be patient with this process as it is not hard, but can take some time to get it extremely clean.

Get the Necessary Repairs for your Residential Wood Fence Maintenance

If there are any cracks, rot, warped, broken, or damaged parts along your wood fence, you should have these areas inspected by a professional and fixed through replacements. It is not required to get an entirely new fence when your current wood fence is a little damaged, and a professional can make sure the fixes are done in a manner that will help your wooden fence last as long as possible. Consider checking on your fence periodically for the best residential wood fence maintenance.

Stain Your Restored Fence as Residential Wood Fence Maintenance

After you have pressure washed your fence and gotten the repairs needed, you will need to get it stained. It is possible to have a professional handle this part to ensure it is done with professional quality, but it is something you can do on your own by following all directions and having patience. However, your residential wood fence maintenance becomes hassle-free once your fence is stained.

Do not underestimate the ability for a restored wooden fence to look great. Contact a qualified fence company for any questions you may have or to discuss your options for fixing the damaged parts of your fence for restoration.