7 Reasons for Installing a Wood Fence

Residential Wood Board on Board Privacy Fence

There are reasons the classics are the classics. “The Wizard of Oz” still delights children, Handel’s “Messiah” still rings out at Christmastime, and a homeowner is still most likely to buy a wooden fence. Maybe it’s the affordability or the wide array of design options or all the great fence companies you can hire, but wood fences have stood the test of time. Here are a few reasons why:

Installing a Wood Fence is Affordable

Price is one of the primary reasons why homeowners have been installing a wood fence. When compared with vinyl fencing, a wooden fence costs roughly a third less to install. While wooden fences can sometimes require more maintenance than other fences, they can last for years to come when properly maintained.

Installing a Wood Fence Has Natural Beauty

The incomparable natural beauty of a wooden fence charms many homeowners. Quality wood, expert construction, and the perfect stain will give you a beautiful wooden fence that will not only add privacy and security to your property, but also enhance the beauty of your home as well. In fact, installing a wood fence provides a variety of customization options that allow you to completely personalize your new fence. Whether you choose a simple, or a more ornate, wooden fence, you can choose a fence that will match your personality and that can also add to the overall value of your home.

Installing a Wood Fence is a Green Option

Compared with a vinyl or chain link fence, installing a wood fence can be a more environmentally friendly option. A wooden fence can be built using reclaimed (recycled) wood, rather than new materials. Plus, down the road when your fence is beyond repair and needs replacement, the wood from your fence can be recycled again and turned into another project rather than simply being sent to the landfill. Generally, you can’t do that with vinyl fences, which usually cannot be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

A Wooden Fence is Built to Last

When searching for wooden fence material that lasts, there are only two choices you should consider. Eco Life wood and Western Red Cedar are the wooden fence materials the industry can offer. Both resist decay, rot, and damage from insects.

For commercial properties, look for pressure-treated pine for a cost-effective solution. This type of lumber provides all the advantages of Eco Life but is better suited to the specific requirements of commercial properties.

Eco Life is a pressure-treated lumber that contains a nonmetallic preservative. It highly resists rot and decay and prevents damage from termites and other insects. It also contains stabilizers that prevent shrinking and swelling. Eco Life also resists harsh weather, so it will hold up in rain, snow, and high winds. Best of all, this product uses materials that are environmentally friendly. It still has all the benefits of regular pressure-treated lumber. The frame of your wood fence should always be made from pressure-treated lumber to ensure long life and stability.

If you want a natural wooden fence instead, Western Red Cedar is the only choice. Natural oils in this type of lumber make it resistant to moisture, insect damage, and decay. Red Cedar is the most resistant to shrinking, swelling, and warping, even under extreme conditions. If you’re set on natural wood for your fence, Red Cedar will hold up long-term for a beautiful fence.

A Wooden Fence Often Has a Warranty

A company that sells quality products will always back them. Look for a company with at least a six-month warranty on their work. Of course, quality work is always done according to industry standards. A guarantee against any defects in both materials and workmanship is important. In addition, the best companies offer lifetime labor warranties to replace any materials considered defective by the manufacturer under the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Look for sales associates who are knowledgeable and willing to discuss the terms and conditions of their warranty with you before you buy their product.

A Wooden Fence is Customizable

Long Fence sells high-quality lumber and will work with you to create exactly what you want in a wood fence. They offer a variety of wood fences they can customize to your liking. A company with only one type of wood fence or one that cannot adapt the fence to your needs probably lacks the skilled carpenters necessary for the highest quality work. Look for a company that offers a variety of wooden fence options.

In addition, look for a representative who is knowledgeable about the wooden fence that is best suited to your property. For example, if you have a steep slope, the company should offer suggestions for a wooden fence style that is well adapted to your property. Look for representatives who listen to your questions and concerns and work to create a solution that will be a great fit for your home over the long-term. Since a wooden fence will probably increase the value of your property, you want something that is going to last.

A Wooden Fence Has Many Style Options

Installing a wood fence is also a superior option for those whose design and style preferences seem to change fairly frequently. One of the problems with vinyl fences is that they cannot be repainted or restained. Once you choose a color, you are generally stuck with this look for the life of the fence; however, this is not the case with a wooden fence. Installing a wood fence gives you the opportunity to restyle whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is sand down your wooden fence, and you can then repaint it, or stain it, as you wish, as often as you like, to match your ever-changing style and personality.

While there are many excellent types of fencing available, a wooden fence is by far the most versatile. You can get exactly the look you want for a reasonable price with a wood fence. Read on to learn more about just a few of the great custom options for wood fencing.

Board on Board Fencing

Board on board fencing provides some privacy while still allowing you to see out of your yard. It looks the same from both sides, so it’s a great choice if you’re thinking of selling your home. It’s the perfect solution for a fence that looks fantastic from both your yard and your neighbor’s! Customize it with a decorative lattice top or a cap board. If that’s not your style, choose an arch or a dip to really make the look your own. A huge variety of fence posts and caps, plus a wonderful selection of heights, allow you to get exactly the wooden fence you’ve been imagining.

Board and Batten Fencing

If you love the look of board on board, but want a complete privacy fence, board and batten fencing is the perfect solution. This maintains the decorative look of board on board fencing, with a space between posts that is completely overlaid with a batten board to create a beautiful privacy fence. This type of fence is also extremely durable and is great for building on a steep slope. Customize the look with an arch or a dip, or opt for a flat top with a cap board or lattice top. Adjust the height to your specifications. You can even upgrade the posts for a fully custom look.

Picket Fencing

Many people wish to give their house cottage charm with a picket fence. Long Fence builds their wood picket fencing exactly to your specifications, for a fully custom look. You’ll provide security for pets and children while creating an appealing look that enhances your entire property. Choose from gothic, colonial gothic, or dog-eared pickets. In addition to the straight picket fence, customize the look with a Mount Vernon Dip or a Monticello Arch. Most picket fences come in a 42-inch or 48-inch height, but we offer a variety of options to create the perfect style for you.

Split Rail or Estate Fencing

For a larger acreage, split rail fencing or estate fencing is a great option. Split rail provides maximum visibility and a great value, while estate fencing provides more privacy and the characteristic X shape at the top. We can build both with wire mesh behind the fence to keep pets secure. You can customize either of these with multiple boards and nonstandard heights. Get the look you want for a larger property with either of these high-value options.

These easily customizable options just scratch the surface of the variety a wooden fence from Long Fence can offer. With high-quality materials made to last, you’ll be happy with your investment for years to come.

Talk to us to learn more about all the options you have for fencing in your neighborhood. Our experienced representatives will help you get exactly the look you want, and they’ll take into account city and county codes as well as homeowners’ association regulations so you never have to wonder if your fence meets all the standards. Let us customize the perfect fence for your home. For a free estimate, contact us today!

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