Top 4 Reasons to Get a Gated Privacy Fence

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Why install a gated privacy fence? Our clients have a few good reasons.

A Gated Privacy Fence Deters Unwanted Guests

Most homeowners have unwanted guests who show-up unannounced on their doorsteps. Perhaps you have pesky solicitors who drop by trying to sell you the latest appliances, annoying zealots who want you to convert to their religion, or even worse—nosy in-laws who never call first! Whether you want to deter your teenager’s boyfriend or girlfriend from coming by “just to study,” or you want to avoid political campaigner’s with banners and buttons, a gated privacy fence can save you a whole lot of frustration and unwanted company! Besides, you probably already know who you’re going to buy those Samoas from!

A Gated Privacy Fence Keeps Out Debris

From newspapers you didn’t order that are thrown randomly on your yard to debris carelessly tossed out by drivers and walkers, a gated privacy fence will secure the aesthetics and cleanliness of your yard! You also never know when you’re going to come home from a hard day’s work and step in the neighbor-dog’s lunch. Those unwanted guests may also leave unwanted materials or even trash if you don’t want to buy that “amazing” vacuum cleaner from them. Not to mention the havoc some solicitors will wreak on your perennials—after all, some people are never taught basic manners, like not trampling on flowers!

A Gated Privacy Protects Your Home

You never know when a neighbor kid is going to through a baseball, frisbee, or other projectile straight at your house. It’s always better to a have some protection between your house windows and random flying objects! Plus, the neighborhood’s dog tracks don’t look so nice all over your front yard either. From creepy peepers to neighbors that are way too talkative, protect your home, your family, and your sanity by getting a gated privacy fence!

A Gated Privacy Fence Looks Great

Increased home aesthetics, value, and personal privacy. Long Fence offers a wide variety of Ecolife wood and low-maintenance vinyl privacy fence styles for you to choose from, including Western red cedar fencing that naturally resists moisture and decay. For more information about fence styles, pricing, and installation services, contact the best fence company around today!