4 Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing

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Fencing your yard is a natural impulse, and in many cases it might be a necessity. It satisfies that desire to have a castle wall, no matter how small, that marks the edge of your domain, while at the same time making sure pets can’t get out, and predators like coyotes can’t get in. While there are a dozen different choices for materials you can build your fence from, including stone, aluminum, and iron, there are advantages to cedar wood fencing that homeowners should consider.

4 Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing

Advantage #1: Appearance

Wood fencing can be customized in ways few other materials can. Whether you want simple white pickets, or you’d prefer something a little more elaborate, a cedar fence can accommodate your needs. Additionally, since there are so many different types of wood, you can find the type that perfectly fits your home, and your yard’s needs. Whether you want sturdy oak, rich cherry, or a hardwood like mahogany, your wood fencing is limited only by your imagination.

Advantage #2: Durability

When it comes to fencing, many people think of cedar as something that folds in the face of the elements. Wood couldn’t possibly stand up to aluminum, or iron, could it?

It can, actually. Cedar wood fencing that’s been appropriately treated, and which is designed to be left out in the wind, rain, and snow, can last for years. Years can stretch into decades if homeowners make sure to perform regular, annual maintenance on their fences, checking weak spots and giving the wood extra layers of protection with paint, and other coatings. Cedar doesn’t rust, which is an important point to remember if you’re investing in a fence for the life of your home.

Advantage #3: Cost

Wood, by and large, is one of the least expensive things you can build a fence out of. Stone fences might look lovely, and make you feel secure, but there’s a reason that kings and queens had stone walls, while people who weren’t royalty didn’t. Wrought iron fencing can be just as expensive, and it needs to be maintained a lot more often than stone does in order to hold onto its strength. Even buying exotic hardwood fencing won’t be as expensive as these other options, and more standard kinds of cedar wood fencing are going to be much more affordable for the average homeowners. Especially when you consider that a wood fence is an investment in your home and property.

Advantage #4: Increase in Property Value

When you add a cedar fence to your home, you’re not just putting up something that grants privacy, and which gives you an added measure of security. You’re adding something that will make your home more valuable when it goes on the market.

Of all the upgrades you could make to your home and property, a fence is one of the best investments. While things like a swimming pool or attached conservatory might be more exotic, a fence is one of the most solid investments you can make. Its value has never decreased, and it will appeal to other homeowners who also want to make sure they don’t have to worry about pets or children getting out, and uninvited guests getting in. Wooden fences, in particular, are good investments because they offer all these benefits, but they don’t come with the high upkeep and replacement costs that other materials often have.

These are, of course, just a few benefits that come with installing a cedar fence around your property. If you’re looking for more information about why you should install a fence in general, and why you should install a wooden fence in particular, then all you have to do is contact the best fence company today!