Three Great Ways You and a Can of Paint Can Spruce Up That Old Wooden Fence

Wood Picket Spaced Fence

White, picket, wood fencing is the quintessential American fence. It’s simple, and will look sharp around any house, really, but why just white-wash such a nice, wide canvas? There’s so much room for potential there, literally.

Instead, wouldn’t it be more fun to paint a mural or a scene on your old wooden fence? Even if you’re not artistically inclined, there’s still tons of ways you can make your old wooden fence more interesting.

Here are a few ideas homeowners can use to make wood fences a bit more artsy.

Paint Murals on Your Old Wooden Fence

Artistically inclined homeowners should consider painting murals on the inside (or outside) of their wooden fences. A nice scene of the seasons changing could be a lot of fun, and make the yard feel much more natural. A sky would also be visually intriguing as well — perhaps something like Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” — with lots of swirling, impressionistic colors all blending together.

Add Words to Your Old Wooden Fence

Who said wooden fences had to be blank or have pictures on them? Homeowners can paint some of their favorite quotes or passages on their wooden fences to not only make their property more interesting and visually stimulating, but also to inspire passersby. They could paint them in cursive, or bold, black, and gothic. It’s all up to them. After all, it’s their wooden fences.

Use Silhouettes on Your Old Wooden Fence

Silhouettes are one of the most popular images homeowners paint on their wooden fences, largely because they can represent their family, and because they’re easy. All that’s needed is a few big pieces of cardboard, some waterproof spray paint, and masking tape. Trace a silhouette of each person on the cardboard, cut them out with an exacto-knife, tape them to the wooden fences, spray carefully, and there you have it!

Sure, house fences look great in a nice, clean coat of white, but where’s the fun in that? If you have any questions about painting on old wooden fences, call the fence experts.

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