What is the Best Screen for a Porch?

Composite Screened Porch and Vinyl Railing

A screened-in porch can take an infrequently used outdoor space and extend it into a second living room. By taking into consideration the purpose of your porch screening, you can narrow down what kind of screening is best for your porch project. Whether you’re trying to reduce sunlight, keep out insects, cool down your porch, or keep leaves and debris out of a pool, at Long Fence we can help you choose the right product for your home.

When a Fiberglass Screen is Best

As one of the most popular screen choices, fiberglass is one of the best choices for keeping out small insects like mosquitoes and flies. It comes in a variety of colors, and its flexible nature means that it’s not going to show dents when someone might fall against it. Fiberglass doesn’t rust or corrode, so it can be a great choice for a pool enclosure or a porch with an ocean view.

There are a few drawbacks to fiberglass screens. Because of its flexibility, it’s a bit softer than other screens, and can easily be torn by animal claws. If you have a houseful of children who like to run in and out all summer long, a fiberglass screen can easily become a casualty of their play. However, fiberglass screens can easily be repaired, and their affordability continues to make them a great choice for many homeowners year after year.

When an Aluminum Screen is Best

More durable than fiberglass, aluminum screens also offer more visibility. Because of its strength, it can be a better choice for a wind prone area or if a homeowner is willing to spend a little more for a longer-lasting product. With both coated and uncoated options available, you’ll want to consider the weather and conditions of your porch before choosing.

A coated aluminum screen offers an extension on the life of the screen, protecting it from rust and corrosion, while an uncoated aluminum screen can quickly rust in a humid area. If you’re going to invest in the slightly more expensive aluminum screen, it’s also a great idea to choose one with a coating.

Even though the aluminum screen is incredibly sturdy, it must be installed carefully to avoid permanent creases in the screen. You can purchase aluminum screens with confidence from us because our installers are experts at what they do.

When a Sun-Control Screen is Best

If the scorching sun is preventing you from enjoying your outdoor space, then it’s time to invest in a sun-control screen. While a sun-control screen can dramatically reduce your outside visibility, it also effectively lowers the temperature on your screened-in porch. Similar to the way trees can reduce the energy load of a home, a sun-control screen can also lower the energy consumption of a home so it doesn’t have to work so hard to cool itself down.

Reclaiming a porch from the heat of an afternoon sun can also have some additional benefits. Bright sun can fade furniture, so reducing UV light can extend the life of couches, chairs, and carpet. Living in a busy housing development can mean that neighbors are always passing by your outdoor retreat. A sun-control screen can increase privacy and help you reclaim some peace and quiet.

When a Pet-Resistant Screen is Best

Beloved small members of the family, whether they be of the two- or four-legged kind, can wreak havoc on screened in porches. A pet-resistant screen can stand up to the rigors of these forces of nature, while still allowing some visibility and air flow. Because of the higher price point than the other screen choices, many homeowners place pet-resistant screens below handrail height, just on a door, or on the bottom half of a door.

When a Specialty Metal Screen is Best

Copper, bronze, and brass screens can add an extra little shine to a screened porch, but consideration for the climate and how much upkeep a homeowner wants should be considered. Bronze works well in oceanside towns and homes, while brass does not do well with saltwater in the air.

Over time, copper, bronze, and brass all turn into the classic green color called verdigris, much like the Statue of Liberty. With some care, a homeowner can prevent or reduce this, but many homeowners embrace the classic color reminiscent of ancient Greek statues.


Regain the serenity of your porch by installing the best kind of screen for your lifestyle. At Long Fence, we want to help you love your home again. We approach all of our jobs with a dedication to quality service and attention to detail that’s been part of our company’s values since 1945. Contact us today by email or phone for a professional quote.

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